Developing E-Government together with Digital Transformation

10:06:30 AM | 5/5/2021

The Department of Information and Communications of Quang Nam province has firmly carried out the policy on e-government construction towards a digital government and digital economy, gradually applying information technology achievements as effective support tools for management and administration.

In order to proceed with the digital transformation program of Quang Nam province to 2025, with a vision to 2030, the information and communication sector has implemented specific solutions to build and develop e-government aligned with the digital transformation program. Specifically, the sector has completed the telecommunications infrastructure system, built the computer-enabled LAN network for all agencies from provincial to communal administrative levels; provided computers for all public employees at provincial and district levels and about 85% of public employees at the commune level. Currently, all provincial and district-level agencies have been connected to the provincial wide area network (WAN). In addition, in 2020, the department coordinated with Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) to build an IPv6 conversion solution in Quang Nam province and guide IPv6 deployment at the Quang Nam Data Integration Center, the WAN network systems and application systems.

The department has also upgraded, completed and linked the four-level Qoffice document management and operational management system and deployed the software to all agencies across the province, where 27,500 users are active and handle more than 5.8 million electronic documents. The department has ensured interconnection of four administration levels from the central to communal levels using the integrated data system of the province; connected to external systems; allowed centralized file management and sharing, integrated task alerts and reminders; integrated task monitoring software; and provided application versions installed on mobile phones (Android and iOS platforms). The sector integrated the specialized digital signature into Qoffice software for digital signing of electronic documents. The sending and reception of electronic documents as per the Prime Minister's Decision 28/2018/QD-TTg dated July 12, 2018 has helped save a lot of paper cost and time of sending and receiving electronic documents among agencies, which are handled quickly and conveniently to enable document digitization of State agencies, improve the performance of State management and administrative reform. Agencies have made much progress in improving awareness, mindset, and viewpoint on actions, and drastically directed effective construction of electronic government in recent years.

In the coming time, the Department of Information and Communications will continue to develop information technology applications and build a digital government in Quang Nam as set for the 2021 - 2025 period in Resolution 17/NQ- CP dated March 7, 2019 of the Government on key tasks and solutions for e-Government development in the 2019-2020 period, with a vision to 2025 and the Resolution 33/NQ-HDND dated September 17, 2020 of the Provincial People's Council. At the same time, the province will invest in upgrading and perfecting the information technology infrastructure and application software for Party agencies. It will effectively manage and operate the Provincial Party Committee's Data Integration Center, build a shared and unified data center for Party cells in the province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum