Far Eastern New Apparel (Vietnam) Limited: Production Aligned with Labor Safety and Environmental Protection

9:27:12 AM | 26/5/2021

Far Eastern New Apparel (Vietnam) Limited established in 2015, is a wholly foreign-owned company affiliated with Far Eastern Group of Taiwan. As an apparel manufacturer, the company always ensures labor safety and environmental protection requirements.

Seeing that Binh Phuoc province in the southern key economic region is not too far from Ho Chi Minh City, Far Eastern New Apparel (Vietnam) Limited decided to lease 10 ha of land in Bac Dong Phu Industrial Park in Dong Phu district to build a garment factory.

The factory, completed and operated in 2016, has more than 60 sewing, embroidering and printing lines. Currently, the facility is employing over 3,000 employees (mainly locals) who are paid salaries of VND8-10 million a month each.

In the past time, the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the company’s production to a certain extent. However, Binh Phuoc province has effectively prevented the epidemic and helped local businesses maintain stable operations. In addition, relevant agencies have focused on reforming administrative procedures, applying the single-window administrative mechanism to facilitate businesses, especially in import and export activities.

In the coming time, the company will boost production recovery and stabilize post-epidemic orders; recruit more than 2,000 garment workers to expand production; and ensure current remunerations, salary and rewards for employees. At the same time, increasing automation for higher labor productivity and contributing to the sustainable development strategy of Vietnam's textile and garment industry, the company expects that positive effects of the EU - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) will boost apparel exports and input imports.

In addition to production development, Far Eastern New Apparel (Vietnam) Limited pays special attention to occupational safety. Specifically, the company offers regular health checks for employees every six months; fully equips employees with personal protective equipment; tests the working environment once a year; and conducts chemical spill response drills twice a year. Meanwhile, the company regularly organizes communications and awareness-raising activities among employees to actively implement labor safety regulations in the workplace.

As for firefighting and rescue, the company strictly adheres to regulations like equipping all means for firefighting with monthly maintenance and inspection; purchasing compulsory fire and explosion insurance, establishing a grassroots fire and rescue team. At the same time, the company coordinates with the Fire and Rescue Police Department under the Police of Binh Phuoc to communicate, practice and rehearse fire prevention plans for employees.

To realize the goal of environmentally friendly production, the company provides full masks for workers, installs a dust extraction fan system in the workplace; signs contracts with competent units to check air quality in the workplace; arranges separate and labeled storage devices; and sorts, collects and transports waste to given sites.

In addition, the Trade Union cooperates with other divisions to collect garbage in the industrial park, takes care of the green space to maintain the green - clean - beautiful and cool space in the industrial park.

Waste is collected and treated by licensed companies according to regulations. In addition to actively looking for contractors with advanced waste treatment technology to increase recycling and minimize incineration and landfilling, the company’s wastewater treatment system meets technical standards. Waste samples are analyzed for wastewater quality every three months.

Remarking on the business environment of Binh Phuoc, a representative of Far Eastern New Apparel (Vietnam) Limited said that, in the past time, the provincial government has improved the investment and business environment and strengthened solutions to facilitate local enterprises to develop production. However, the province needs to invest more in transport infrastructure, especially trunk roads, and complete synchronous industrial zones infrastructure. Binh Phuoc province also needs to foster labor training for enterprises. It also calls for supporting investors to form production supply chains to reduce input shortages and dependence on imports.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum