Dung Quat Beer - Golden Flow to the Future

10:12:51 AM | 15/6/2021

Consumers in the Central Coast, the Central Highlands and the whole country have been long familiar with Dung Quat Beer. After 30 years of construction and development, Dung Quat Brewery has conducted ongoing investment in research and development (R&D), improved product quality and diversity, and effectively met increasing consumer demands. Importantly, with the enthusiasm of the leadership and the staff, the golden flow of Dung Quat Beer will continue to be preserved and developed to be the source of the future.

Going back in time to the early 1990s, Quang Ngai Brewery was established in 1991 and officially brought into operation in 1993 with an original capacity of 3 million liters) made by Czechoslovakian brewing machinery.  The first product lines were Special bottled beer, well received and trusted by northern and central customers. The formation of Dung Quat Economic Zone and Dung Quat Oil Refinery lifted Quang Ngai province to a new position and opened a new glorious chapter for this place on the path of integration and aspiration to become a modern industrial province. To serve more customers, including workers in Dung Quat projects and at the same time express pride in a new phase of industrial development of Quang Ngai province, Quang Ngai brewery was officially renamed Dung Quat brewery.

After many upgrades on Branik production technologies (Czech Republic) and equipment imported from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries, Dung Quat brewery has to date reached a yearly output capacity of 100 million liters. The brewery has successfully applied the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system, the ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system, and the ISO 22000: 2018 food safety management system. Dung Quat Beer products have been repeatedly recognized as the National Brand in 2016 - 2018, 2018 - 2020 and 2020 - 2022. In addition to the main market of Quang Ngai province, Dung Quat Beer is expanding its business presence to beer believers in central provinces and Ho Chi Minh City.

In the continuous flow of life, Dung Quat Brewery spent a lot of resources on investment in product research and development and quality improvement to meet increasing consumer demand. In addition to traditional product categories like bottled beer and canned beer, from October 2020, Dung Quat Brewery officially launched Hello Beer, a completely new brand of premium quality. In addition to producing and supplying beer of excellent quality and reasonable prices for the Vietnamese market, Dung Quat Brewery has also achieved many successes in beer export cooperation (ARK, Iceberg and Pinglight beer) to Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other markets, thus helping elevate Vietnamese beer brands in the international arena.

Effective business and increased sales enabled Dung Quat Brewery to make important contributions to socioeconomic development of Quang Ngai province. In 2015 - 2020 alone, it paid nearly VND1,700 billion of tax to the State budget and created jobs for more than 300 workers.

Apart from strongly performing business, Dung Quat Brewery is also very active in social security and community development. Thanh Phat Trade Company and its factories, which distribute Dung Quat Beer, voluntarily take care of four heroic Vietnamese mothers; fund construction of dozens of houses a year, and present thousands of gifts to poor households. The total fund for social security and community development was VND10 billion in 2015 - 2020. 

Inheriting the quintessence of world-renowned Czechoslovakian beer technology, constantly applying scientific and technical advances to create best quality products, this is also the secret for Dung Quat Beer to increasingly lift its position in the market and to be recognized as the pride of the Vietnam Value, commonly known as the National Brand. Currently, although there are many famous beer brands on the market in the world, Dung Quat Beer still holds the No. 1 position in the hearts of beer enthusiasts in the central region.

However, in the context of increasingly fierce competition on the market, domestic beer brands are mostly acquired by foreign enterprises, especially from early 2020 as a result of double impacts of Decree 100/ND-CP and the COVID-19 pandemic, the domestic beer industry faced numerous difficulties because of output contraction. Dung Quat Brewery also faced tough challenges to maintain sales. Faced with this reality, Dung Quat Beer chose its own path, with a focus on traditional customers, constantly invested in higher product quality and promoted customer care services. This strategic approach has helped Dung Quat Beer gain customer trust, maintain sales, and sustain a pure Vietnamese beer brand. Importantly, in the context of economic slowdown, Dung Quat Brewery still ensured stable jobs and incomes for employees, fulfilled obligations to the local budget, and practically sided with the province to overcome difficulties and advance industrialization and modernization.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum