Nghi Xuan district (Ha Tinh province): Developing from the culture

3:25:18 PM | 27/7/2005

Nghi Xuan is a district of favourable terrains and talent people, which can be seen as a miniature of Ha Tinh province. This district has high mountains, deep rivers, broad sea and fertile plains with the national road No1A passing through. It still has two sea ports of Xuan Hoi and Xuan Hai as well as Xuan Thanh ecological sea tourism resort.




Nghi Xuan has 17 communes and two townships with the population of more than 100,000 people. This is the homeland of the national great poet Nguyen Du (1765-1820), a world famous cultural man, the author of the Kieu Story well-known by every Vietnamese. This is still the homeland of Nguyen Cong Tru (1778-1858) - a prominent poet, a talent of martial art as well as an economist in the history. This land has also given birth to Nguyen Xi (1397- 1465), a famous general of Lam Son insurgent troops resisting the invaders of the Ming Dynasty. Nghi Xuan district still has Co Dam village, the original place of Ca Tru - a type of national festival song.




Nghi Xuan is still famous with 8 landscapes admired by local people and former scholars. These are 8 beauty spots including Screen of Hong forests and mountains, the Sails in the Hoi Estuary, Two fish playing with water, lonely calf coming to the watering place, the old watering place of Giang Dinh, The forest on the sand, Hoa Pham market and Uyen Trung ancient pagoda.


The lonely calf coming to the watering place is one among five famous stones landscapes Cho Cui area. Presently, there is Cho Cui Temple built in the XV century worshiping Lieu Hanh Princess, Tran Hung Dao National Hero and His Royal Highness Hoang Muoi. This place is famous for its supernatural power and beautiful sceneries. Cho Cui Temple is an attractive tourism destination, which is always crowded with pilgrims. 




Long time ago, Nghi Xuan people already knew how to develop the economy based on its typical culture. Thanks to that, the district becomes an attractive culture tourist zone. People loving the sea can come to Xuan Thanh Beach. It has a natural beauty with transparent water and clean sand. Contemplating the sunset in the sea, one can remember and cite a verse in the Kieu Story. People, loving mountains can follow the former steps of Nguyen Du poet climbing to 99 peaks of Hong Mountain.




With indomitable will for rising in the life, Nghi Xuan people followed the revolution under the Party’s leadership like a natural reason. With its humanity and undaunted spirit, Nghi Xuan district has made glorious contribution to the two resistant wars. It has been awarded the title of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces by the State.




Nghi Xuan used to be a hard and unfertile land in the past. Nowadays, in the new conditions and thinking, the district has basically got rid of poverty with the annual income of more than VND3 millions per capita. Some industrial production and handicraft units have been formulated and performed effective operation. They provide the employment for hundreds local labourers like alcohol production, wood processing for export, construction material exploitation, aqua products processing. The hotels and restaurants have made significant developments in both quantity and quality. The market system has been planned, upgraded with strengthened management attracting more labourers and facilitating the exchange of farm produces as well as formulating the export production models in Xuan An and Xuan Hai. The tourism and services zones have been restored and developed in the direction of combining the cultural tourism with ecological tourism meeting better the client demands. These sites included Nguyen Du and Nguyen Cong Tru Commemorate places, Xuan Thanh and Xuan Yen beaches. The infrastructure for industrial development is being actively constructed by the agencies at all level. Up to now, 100 percent communes have power and 99 percent households have the access to power use.




With the two sea ports of Xuan Hoi and Xuan Hai and the national road No1A, Nghi Xuan is gradually becoming a large industrial centre, a concentrating economic zone in the North of Ha Tinh province, together with Vinh City in the north bank of Lam River.




Currently, Nghi Xuan is implementing the master socio-economic planning, sector’s planning and the detailed planning of economic zones and urban clusters. The district has focused on rural and agricultural development in speeding up the commodity production for creating high effectiveness on a unit of area. It is also accelerating the trade activities, fostering the goods circulation, diversifying forms of tourism and services, combining the ecological sea tourism with sightseeing and visiting historical cultural relics as well as the beauty spots at the locality. It has paid attention to boosting the rate of industrial, handicraft development, generating all favourable conditions for attracting investment in the Xuan An industrial park and the areas of high advantages. The district has mobilised all resources and economic sectors for fostering the infrastructure development and the urbanisation rate at some concentrated areas. The financial and credit activities are being accelerated for stimulating the production development. It is enhancing the quality of socio-cultural activities and significantly improving the material and spiritual life of people.

  • By Nguyen Hien Luong
    Vice Chairman of Nghi Xuan district People’s Committee





Currently, Nghi Xuan district of Ha Tinh province is calling for investment in many tourism projects. The project of developing the golf court on 100 hectares in Xuan Thanh resort capitalised at about VND300 billions are being surveyed for making the design. Two luxurious and modern hotels worth of VND70 - 75 billions per each are under the implementation. High apartment buildings with the investment of VND70 billions will be built in the coming time. Especially, Xuan An industrial park has been approved by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. The first phase of this project has 100 hectares with the initial capital of about VND500 billions attracting many foreign and domestic investors. Nghi Xuan has large potential needing resources for its awakening.