Spreading Vietnamese - Korean Culture and Recreating the Wonders of the World

8:30:18 AM | 24/1/2022

From the call and openness to attract investments of Thai Nguyen province, the desire and enthusiasm of a person from the "land of tea", when having all necessary conditions, Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Hanh, Chairman of the Board and General Director of the Hai Long Group, has cooperated with potential and reputable partners to invest in her "homeland" a modern urban area with mixed architecture and combined styles of Asia, Europe and America; along with elaborately created world's wonders, especially spreading Vietnamese - Korean cultural values to ensure the local people’s full enjoyment.

Meeting all the conditions

Through the exchange, Chairman of the Board Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Hanh shared: the images of hardworking farmers in Thai Nguyen and the desire to spread the "Thai Tea" brand throughout the five continents had continuously motivated her. At the same time, Thai Nguyen is also one of nine provinces in the planning to expand the development of the Hanoi Capital Region to 2030 with a vision to 2050 approved by the Prime Minister. Therefore, Samsung, one of the major South Korean corporations that has invested in a factory in Bac Ninh, has still continued to expand to Thai Nguyen to build the largest complex of factories producing electronic components for phones in Vietnam. (Yen Binh Industrial Park - Pho Yen - Thai Nguyen).

Besides, Hai Long Group (Hai Long Land) has been successful in many fields, especially the outstanding investment and development in real estate with impressive projects in Hanoi that have been recognized and appreciated by all levels and sectors of the city. Some of these projects include Dolphin Plaza Apartment, The Garden Hill, 789 Xuan Dinh Apartment, and HATECO (III, IV). When all essential conditions have been accumulated and met, especially the desire to make a small contribution to its "homeland", it has cooperated with Song Da 7 Urban and Industrial Park Investment Joint Stock Company (URINCO7) to create the mark of a modern urban area with combined architecture and styles of Europe, Asia, America; along with the world's wonders delicately recreated, especially spreading Vietnamese - Korean cultural values that are always present in the lives of the local people. Moreover, when the Viet Han urban area project is inaugurated, it will be the most practical and impressive gift to celebrate Pho Yen becoming a grade II urban area, the most dynamic, modern and high-tech industrial urban city in the South of Thai Nguyen province by 2023.

The "worth-living" urban area

Chairman of the Board Nguyen Thi Mai Hanh happily added that, in addition to the prime location, the urban area was designed harmoniously and scientifically; especially the highlight of each item created a combination of an energetic open space for the full enjoyment of the people living here or someone visiting once.

Viet Han urban area is located in Hong Tien commune, Pho Yen town, Thai Nguyen province; 20 km from Hanoi capital, 30 km from Noi Bai international airport and 17 km from Thai Nguyen city center; located on the main road connecting to Samsung Factory, in Yen Binh and satellite industrial parks. The two ends of the project are two arterial roads of Pho Yen (National Highway 3 and Provincial Road 261); having easy traffic connection with Hanoi and the Northern provinces.

Especially, there is a World Wonders Park, the heart of Viet Han urban area. With the thinking minds of talented architects and sophisticated lines of artisans, they have created 9 wonders of the world, such as: the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, the windmill, and the London tower bridge and the highlight of "Khue Van Cac - Temple of Literature" in the complex of world wonders, recreated in the most authentic and vivid way.

At the same time, Viet Han urban area also owns the "All in one" utility model right in the project area, which has characters of Vietnamese - Korean culture, such as: Shopping facilities and services including: four floors of shopping mall with high-class international brands, luxury Asian-European restaurant chains, five-star service in townhouses and spas. Recreation and entertainment facilities include the largest CGV cinema in the region, playing area for children, and clubhouse. Sports facilities ane health training include Sports complex, Gym room, 700m2 swimming pool - infinity pool, along with multi-layered green space with two large squares in front and behind the building, a spacious rooftop park (42), and ZenSpace Meditation Room. There is a green hanging garden for each three-apartment floor.

Moreover, Viet Han urban area also has adjacent townhouses, all of which are designed by architects with great care and attention to detail in order to optimize space use and minimize energy costs.

The Villas are surrounded by rows of surrounding houses, equipped with all the best amenities; the dream living space. Viet Han Villa is designed to be the most tranquil space, becoming a civilized, modern, luxurious and classy neighborhood.

With the green space around the house, coming from the lush green gardens, colorful flower gardens, and the murmuring sound of artificial streams, this will be the place where the owner can rest and relax after a tiring day at work.

When the Viet Han urban area project is inaugurated, it will be a "worth living" place, a symbol of creative and impressive thinking in sustainable real estate investment and development, bringing true value to investors, the locality, especially ensuring the full enjoyment of the people inside and outside the Viet Han urban area. At the same time, it is also a "compatible" support with Samsung Thai Nguyen, contributing to making Pho Yen town a class II city, a city directly under Thai Nguyen province by 2023. This is also the enthusiasm and aspiration of Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Hanh, the daughter of the “land of tea”, who always looks forward to making contributions to her homeland. Driven by Hai Long Group's desire for growth and under the wise and decisive leadership of Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Hanh, the Viet Han project is being rapidly and safely constructed. It ensures full legal procedures in accordance with the instructions of the local government. On October 12, 2021, the Viet Han project was honored in the top 30 prestigious enterprises and investment and development projects of Thai Nguyen province.

By Ha Thanh, Vietnam Business Forum