Focusing on Digital Transformation to Modernize Administrative System

9:38:40 AM | 15/7/2022

Implementing Resolution 09-NQ/TU dated October 15th, 2021 of the Provincial Party Executive Committee on "The digital transformation of Nam Dinh Province to 2025, with orientation to 2030", Plan 122/KH-UBND On October 22nd, 2021 of the People's Committee of Nam Dinh province on implementing Resolution 09-NQ/TU, the Department of Information and Communications of Nam Dinh province has developed and implemented many solutions to implement the digital transformation plan.

The Department of Information and Communications has chaired and coordinated with agencies and units in the province to build and develop e-government towards digital government, digital economy, digital society and smart cities in Nam Dinh province and has initially achieved very positive results, gradually meeting the requirements of the process of implementing digital transformation. The Digital Transformation Index (DTI Index) of Nam Dinh province in 2020 was ranked 11th out of 63 provinces and cities by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The annual e-government construction targets of the province have all met and exceeded the goals of the Government's Resolution 17/NQ-CP; The index of information technology application and the index of administrative modernization over the years have maintained good growth rates and are among the top 20 provinces and cities of the country.

Up to now, 100% of state agencies at three levels of the province and provincial Party agencies, mass organizations and districts and cities have been granted specialized digital signatures. All departments, committees, sectors, districts, cities, public non-business units, state-owned enterprises in the province, that have administrative procedures related to people and businesses, have implemented "one-stop shop", "inter-agency one-stop shop" mechanisms in handling administrative procedures. In the first four months of the year, the province's online public service portal provided 1,605/1,711 public services at level 3 and level 4; more than 50% of online public services at level 3 and level 4 of the province often generating dossiers. The rate of dossiers resolved on time on the online public service portal of the province reached 99.98%. 

Nam Dinh Provincial People's Committee and Viettel Group sign a strategic cooperation agreement on digital transformation for the period of 2021-2025

The Department has also built an ecosystem platform to serve digital transformation; a mobile application for cadres and civil servants - IOC Nam Dinh App; a citizen mobile application - Smart Nam Dinh App) and the province's shared software system serving the construction and development of e-government and digital transformation (such as: Electronic Portal, Online Public Service Portal and Electronic One-Stop Shop, Public Service Email System, Information and Reporting System, softwares for asset management, management of cadres and civil servants…) was built to serve the direction, administration and handling duties of cadres and civil servants on the electronic environment, mobile devices and serve the communication needs of people and businesses with state agencies on mobile devices. It has built a personal electronic database of citizens, helping citizens to actively manage and store personal electronic data on the Online Public Service Portal, the province's electronic one-stop shop system; ensuring to effectively serve the online transaction needs of people and businesses with state agencies.

Mr. Vu Trong Que, Director of the Department of Information and Communication of Nam Dinh province, said: In the coming time, the Department would continue to promote information, propaganda, training and coaching on digital transformation. It will develop a plan and organize effective activities of the Working Group assisting the Steering Committee on digital transformation and the core team for digital transformation in the province. It will promulgate the architecture of e-government in Nam Dinh province; completing and putting into use the provincial level II specialized data transmission network connecting 4 levels from the Central to the commune level; issuing regulations and effectively implementing the province's information and reporting system to 100% of state agencies at three levels of the province. It will continue to provide 100% of the province's qualified administrative procedures at level 4, with a focus on solutions to promote people and businesses to use online public services at a high and effective level. It will continue put into use of new application platforms to serve people, in which paying attention in researching and putting into use foundational technologies for two-way communication and interaction between people and state agencies on mobile devices. It will implement digital transformation, build smart villages and communes to serve the construction of enhanced and model new rural communes. It will implement a system to monitor and measure the level of provision and use of Digital government services.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum