Dat Do I Industrial Park Appealing Destination for Investors

11:26:44 AM | 25/7/2022

To catch up with investment flows into Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, in 2009, Tin Nghia - Phuong Dong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company invested in building 496.22-ha Dat Do I Industrial Park in Dat Do district.

General Information on Dat Do I Industrial Park

Immediately after its incorporation, Tin Nghia - Phuong Dong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company urgently carried out procedures for infrastructure investment to put Dat Do I Industrial Park into operation. Up to now, the park has basically completed about 90% of planned technical infrastructure construction.

To ensure the sustainable development of the industrial park, Tin Nghia - Phuong Dong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company is also conducting investment procedures for construction of Dat Do I Residential Area (adjacent to Dat Do I Industrial Park) to meet housing demand of workers and experts working in the industrial park and of local people. The residential area is fully integrated with public utility services to create favorable conditions for workers to settle down, live and work in the locality for a long time. In addition, the simultaneous planning of Dat Do I Residential Area and Dat Do I Industrial Park helped create synchronous development and reduce pressure on local needs for housing and public utilities for workers and residents.

To bring prosperity to customers, the community and society, Dat Do I Industrial Park and Dat Do I Residential Area are planned and developed into an industrial - urban - service area with a variety of social facilities for investors and workers in the industrial park to feel assured in production and labor. The industrial park is invested and developed in accordance with the Government's policy on new industrial zone types and global trends, evidenced with its "Top service quality, professional, passionate and friendly service attitude to customers and partners for companionship and joint development.”

Big advantages

Ba Ria - Vung Tau province is located in the Southern Key Economic Zone, 60km west of Ho Chi Minh City. The province has a very special geographical position and a synchronous transport infrastructure system. Particularly, this place has deep-water ports, convenient for transporting and trading goods.

Currently, the province is determined to develop its economic spearheads: Industry, seaport, port logistics, tourism and high-tech agriculture. Besides, along with its strategic location, the locality is a potential destination for investors.

Dat Do I Industrial Park is among well-invested industrial parks in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, conveniently located on National Highway 55 - an arterial traffic route of the province that connects administrative centers of cities, towns and districts and the Political and Provincial Administrative Center. The park also has easy access to surrounding areas and major economic centers in the Southeast region such as Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Long An. Furthermore, its very close distance to seaports for vessels of 30,000 - 160,000 tons (only 30km from Cai Mep International Port, SP-PSA Port and Phu My Port) will help investors to reduce costs and time to transport inputs and outputs.

Tenants in Dat Do I Industrial Park are always offered the most favorable conditions to carry out initial project procedures from the investor (like registration for investment certificate, registration for business establishment, consulting support for registration for environmental permits and construction permits), helping them to reduce their time spent on administrative procedures and bring their projects into operation soon.

Dat Do I Industrial Park is operated and managed by an experienced industrial park infrastructure investor which has a diverse system of industries (construction, logistics, security services and others) for tenants and partners with demands to connect with their peers and customers to join each other's supply chains quickly and conveniently. In addition, Dat Do I is one of industrial zones with the most competitive pricing in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province in particular and the southern key economic region in general. This is a great advantage for investors when they carry out their projects.

Investment attraction

To date, Dat Do I Industrial Park has attracted 44 investors from many countries and regions (like South Korea, China and Taiwan) as well as domestic investors, including many giant investors like S&S Glove Joint Stock Company, a manufacturer of medical gloves, that invested about VND4,900 billion and hired about 400 employees; Hai Au Furniture Industry Vietnam Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of sanitaryware, that invested about US$10 million and employed about 600 workers; Neway Fluid Equipment Vietnam Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of valves for the oil and gas industry, that invested a total of US$10 million and hired 100 workers; C&H Tech Vina Co., Ltd and O.N Vina Co., Ltd, producers of electronic components and parts for Samsung Group, that hired about 200 workers; and Dongjin Global Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of electric wires for automobiles, that employed about 500 workers. Currently, eight tenants are officially operational and four are being test-run. They are hiring about 2,000 workers and helping local socioeconomic development.

Balancing manufacturing and environmental protection

To become a large-scale, synchronous and sustainable industrial park, in addition to its key tasks of improving investment attraction outcomes, Dat Do I Industrial Park seriously balances production and environmental protection to establish a safe and sustainable investment environment. With a clean land fund with fully invested technical infrastructure, the park will focus on attracting large-scale corporations with advanced technology, capital-intensive approach and environmentally friendly technology in line with State policies and global trends popular in developed countries, typically high-quality mechanical engineering, automobile manufacturing, auto components and electronic components. At the same time, Dat Do I also entices more supporting businesses for above industries to form supply and production chains in the park.

To catch investment flows being redirected out of some foreign countries, Dat Do I Industrial Park has actively strengthened investment information and promotion in targeted countries to draw investment funds and advanced technologies such as South Korea, Japan and Europe, while providing best support services for customers to soon attract quality investors. Moreover, tenants, before investing in their projects, are required to meet environmental protection conditions and subject to environmental inspection and assessment, environmental protection measures, material and fuel conditions, and resource conservation. Thus, this approach helps balance manufacturing and environmental protection while creating a safe and sustainable investment environment where tenants operate and develop stably.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum