DNP Long An Water Infrastructure Investment JSC: Efforts for Safe and Stable Water Supply

9:11:51 AM | 26/7/2022

DNP Long An Water Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company (DNP Long An) has always striven to enhance the safe and effective operation and management of its plants, produce and supply water at their full designed capacity, and ensure water quality according to the standards applied by the Ministry of Health; and minimize costs to offer the most reasonable price.  “This success is also attributed to the valuable support and assistance of all-tier authorities.  This is also a great motivation for the company to feel confident to invest in developing water sources for areas where tap water is still inaccessible and help local socio-economic development,” said Mr. Tran Tan Loi - Director of DNP Long An in an interview granted to our reporter. Hoang Lam reports.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the company in the past two years?

When the pandemic broke out, it seriously undermined business performance, forcing many local companies to stop production and resulting in a sharp decrease in output and revenue, and DNP Long An was no exception. However, thanks to the support of Long An province, Can Duoc and Can Giuoc districts, the company managed to achieve many spectacular outcomes. Specifically, it invested in developing the network from Cho Tram intersection to Long An International Port in order to scale up production to better serve people as well as businesses located in lower communes. As a result, in 2021, the total output reached 12,554,244 m3, fulfilling 112% of the yearly plan and its total revenue was VND91 billion, 4% higher than the full-year plan.

Not only that, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, many businesses in Long An province had to temporarily suspend operations but Nhi Thanh Water Plant (invested by DNP Long An) still managed to maintain continuous water supply in the face of all pandemic developments. Especially, to make sure that its employees could work in quarantine conditions, Nhi Thanh Water Plant fully prepared utensils to meet their basic living needs. All employees were double-vaccinated against the COVID-19 pandemic and strictly followed 5K regulations in the workplace. At the same time, DNP Long An still prepared investment procedures for the second phase of Nhi Thanh Water Plant, especially the construction of a water pipeline from Dong Thanh intersection to Long An International Port (Can Giuoc district). After completing the second phase, its output capacity will be increased from 30,000m3 to 60,000m3 a day to supply water to communes in the two districts of Can Giuoc and Can Duoc that still lack water.

What will DNP Long An prepare, especially infrastructure investment?

In early 2020, DNP Long An invested in the D630 water supply pipeline from Rach Chanh Bridge (Ben Luc district) to Cho Tram Intersection (Can Duoc district) and completed it on April 30, 2020. In January 2021, DNP Long An continued to invest in the D400 water supply pipeline from Cho Tram Intersection to Dong Thanh Intersection, Can Giuoc district. Up to now, the company has completed the construction of D355 and D315 water supply pipelines from Dong Thanh Intersection to Long An International Port. The total length of the water supply pipeline from Ben Luc to Long An International Port is 36.9 km, costing VND180 billion of investment capital. The water supply pipeline plays an important role, helping bring tap water to more than 17,000 households in Long Phung, Phuoc Vinh Tay, Dong Thanh, Tan Tap and Phuoc Vinh Dong communes of Can Giuoc district.

Besides, DNP Long An's construction and inauguration of a water supply pipeline from Ben Luc to Long An International Port shows the province's right policy in mobilizing social resources to develop the water supply system, implement the Government's policy on socialized investment of water production and supply. In addition, at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, DNP Long An constructed the second phase of Nhi Thanh Water Plant to boost its capacity of 60,000 m3 a day, expected to be put into operation on August 30, 2022. In the coming time, the company will continue to implement the policy of the Provincial People's Committee in Document No. 5216/UBND-KTTC dated August 27, 2020 and Document No. 5333/UNBD-KTTC dated June 15, 2022. DNP Long An has been deploying water supply pipelines to Can Duoc Town and lower communes of Can Duoc district.

The demand for clean water is increasing because groundwater is increasingly polluted and of poor quality. What important strategies will the company adopt to realize its ambitions to occupy more water supply market share?

DNP Long An has constantly expanded its production scale, been committed to ensuring stable output and quality, scaled up water supply to lower regions of Long An province, supplied water to other needy areas, and built a stable tariff framework according to the province’s regulations. In particular, coupling production with social responsibility, in addition to ensuring water production and supply for customers, DNP Long An and DNP Water have also joined hands in social security by contributing VND560 million to the provincial COVID-19 vaccine fund.

What are DNP Long An's goals in 2022 and what will it focus on?

To make Nhi Thanh Water Plant more effective and solve difficulties in business, DNP Long An hopes that authorities of Long An province, Can Duoc and Can Giuoc districts will more drastically direct local distributors of DNP Long An water to ensure water supply for people and solve difficulties faced by the company. DNP Long An commits that it will continue to focus all resources to deploy and complete the investment in expanding the water supply pipe network as scheduled in the coming time to supply water for people and companies and ensure infrastructure to attract investment funds, develop the economy, and assist social security for local people.

By Hoang Lam, Vietnam Business Forum