Promoting Restructure to Attract Investment in Agriculture

10:20:37 AM | 7/9/2022

Implementing the Project on restructuring the agricultural sector in association with new rural construction, Kien Giang province has advocated reorganizing production along the value chain for key export industries and potential export industries towards large commodity production, high technology application, environmental friendliness. The promotion of restructuring will also "pave the way" to attract investment in the agricultural sector.

Production of Phu Quoc fish sauce - a typical rural industrial product of Kien Giang

Effect of restructuring the agricultural sector

As a result, in the period 2016-2020, the average growth rate of agricultural-forestry-fishery production value (2010 constant price) was 3.33%/year. In 2021, the total value of agricultural-forestry-fishery production was estimated at 42,712 billion VND (at current prices); reaching 130.2% of the plan; accounting for 41.92% of the province's economic structure.

Rice output reached 4,508,906/4,295.00 tons, 4.98% higher than the plan; high quality rice accounted for 93.85% (plan target was 80%). Aquaculture and fishing output reached 845,330/799,000 tons, exceeding 6.92% of the target plan and increasing by 2.17% compared to 2020.

By the end of 2021, Kien Giang had built 783 fields with an area of 74,968ha; in which, the number of large fields associated with consumption is 651 fields with an area of 53,478 ha, an increase of 74.35% compared to the previous year. The whole province has built 107/120 OCOP products with 3 stars or more, reaching 89% of the plan for the period 2021-2025.

The national target program on building new rural areas has breakthrough results, accumulated up to now, the whole province has 90/116 communes recognized as meeting new rural standards (accounting for 77.6%).

In the coming time, the agricultural sector of Kien Giang will continue to accelerate the restructuring of the agricultural sector, with the goal of shifting from agricultural production to agricultural economy and associated with the construction of new rural areas.

Promoting agriculture applying high-tech

Kien Giang has many potentials and strengths in the development of agriculture applying high-tech and is oriented to focus on development in the period of 2020-2025. Up to now, on the basis of key products, the province has planned production areas associated with raw material areas for large-scale and concentrated production.

In particular, the Long Xuyen Quadrangle (including Rach Gia City, Ha Tien City and districts: Hon Dat, Kien Luong and Giang Thanh) will continue to develop concentrated industrial and semi-industrial shrimp farming areas (Kien Luong, Ha Tien, Giang Thanh); develop marine aquaculture in coastal and island areas (Ha Tien, Kien Luong); and focus on high-quality agricultural production, maintain and replicate value chain-linked production models in Hon Dat, Kien Luong.

The Western Hau River region (including districts: Chau Thanh, Giong Rieng, Tan Hiep, Go Quao) is the main driving force for agricultural development associated with the development of agro-fishery processing industry.

U Minh Thuong region (including districts: An Minh, An Bien, Vinh Thuan, U Minh Thuong) continues to develop the organic shrimp-rice model and intercrop crab and giant freshwater shrimp to increase the value per unit; develop agriculture in the buffer zone of U Minh Thuong National Park such as fruit trees, vegetables, rice-freshwater fish models, coastal aquaculture such as blood cockle, green mussel in An Bien, An Minh.

Island areas (including: Kien Hai, Phu Quoc) will strongly develop aquaculture in the direction of industrial and high-tech farming (implementing marine farming projects in Kien Hai and attracting investment in Nam Du deep-water port project).

Up to now, the province has built 3 recognized agricultural areas applying high-tech, including: Trung Son high-tech agricultural area in Kien Giang; high-tech rice area in Trung An Kien Giang; agricultural area applying high-tech in aquaculture in Minh Phu Kien Giang.

The Provincial People's Committee has issued many policies to support and encourage the development of agriculture applying high-tech, typically Plan 26/KH-UBND dated January 27, 2022 on the implementation of Resolution 332/2020/ NQ-HDND dated July 20, 2020 Provincial People's Council on regulations on policies to encourage investment in agricultural development and application of high-tech in the period of 2020-2025 (expected to support 80 businesses with a total budget of about VND 128 billion).

Kien Giang also focuses on attracting investment enterprises to promote linkages in production, processing, consumption and increase the value of agricultural products. Depending on the strengths of each production area, the province will create favorable conditions for businesses to invest to form raw material areas for production and processing.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is the bridge between businesses and organizations such as cooperative groups, cooperatives and unions of cooperatives in the province. In addition, the department will strengthen technical support for people and businesses towards safe and sustainable production, and improve the quality and value of agricultural products. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will cooperate with other departments, branches and localities to synchronously deploy solutions to integrate incentive and supporting policies; effectively implement the land use planning approved by the Provincial People's Committee, creating a basis for enterprises to invest in projects.

By Giang Duong

Source: Vietnam Business Forum