Ca Mau Post Fostering Innovation for Development

4:19:00 PM | 22/9/2022

Fostering its role as a leading postal service provider, Ca Mau Post has constantly innovated and improved its service quality. Along with a good business strategy, it has increasingly diversified postal products, and improved professional service attitude, to help strengthen customer trust and gain a high appreciation from the people and businesses.

Ca Mau Post and Ca Mau Farmers' Association hold a meeting to initiate a cooperation agreement on farm support in digital transformation in merchandise production and consumption in 2022

Accelerating digital transformation

Currently, Ca Mau Post has 127 service points to cover the entire province to all communes. In 2021, its total revenue was VND191.6 billion, equal to 101% of the assigned plan. All service points are fully staffed and 32 communal cultural post offices are upgraded to Level 4.

Sticking to the province's resolution on digital transformation to 2025, with a vision to 2030, Ca Mau Post has been actively making transformational changes in all fields. It has connected online public services with the provincial web portal to facilitate people to submit their administrative documents and receive settlement results quickly and conveniently.

In addition, carrying out Decision 1034/QD-BTTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Ca Mau Post soon supported agricultural production households on e-commerce platforms, thus helping boost the local agricultural economy and rural development. Currently, 45 OCOP products and 492 other commercial merchandise are offered on e-commerce platforms with 94,138 registered buyer accounts. As of June 30, 2022 as many as 3,684 transactions were concluded with a gross value of VND1.44 billion. On April 7, 2022, Ca Mau Post signed a cooperation agreement with the Ca Mau Farmers' Association to jointly train and guide people to join e-commerce platform.

Mr. Tran Trong Huong, Deputy Director of Ca Mau Post, said in 2022 and in the following years, Ca Mau Post will continue to participate more deeply in digital transformation to facilitate the development of the digital economy and digital society in Ca Mau province. In particular, it will participate in building a national database system and a digital platform to deliver public administration services that connect the government with the people.

Ca Mau Post will deploy a digital service ecosystem to help develop the digital economy, become a focal point connecting people, businesses and the government and build the digital society. It will develop a system of postal address codes on the Digital Map platform to become one of the important foundations in the digital transformation plan of Ca Mau province in particular and the country as a whole.

Ca Mau Post employees are instructing people to use public postal services

Modernizing public administration

Better working as an "extended arm" and "the face of a state agency", Ca Mau Post is resolved that providing public services is an important political task in its business operations.

Ca Mau Post has coordinated and signed cooperation with agencies and local authorities to effectively deploy many public administrative services such as pension payment; social protection; tax collection; delivery of criminal records, driver's licenses, custody papers, unemployment allowance records; land documents, social insurance records and passports.

Currently, all service points of Ca Mau Post provide the service of receiving administrative records and delivering settlement results with processes and prices publicized to the public. In 2021, it processed more than 490,000 administrative records and results delivered to and from provincial and local authorities; successfully sent more than 350,000 citizen identity cards; and paid allowances to over 18,000 people with recognized meritorious services to the nation in the province.

Besides, Ca Mau Post integrated the division in charge of receiving administrative records and delivering settlement results to governmental agencies at all levels. To date, this service has been deployed in four communes in Cai Nuoc district, one commune in Dam Doi district, and a public administrative center in U Minh district. With this combined model, the public relations divisions of District People's Committees are located at transaction points of Ca Mau Post. Its employees receive administrative records and deliver settlement results in a four-stage process of administrative procedures (receiving inputs - appraising - approving - returning outputs).

Ca Mau Post supports the consumption of more than 40 tons of Bac Giang lychees during the COVID-19 pandemic season in 2021 

Particularly, executing Decision 152/QD-BDVN-HDTV on communal cultural post office development with community service, Ca Mau Post had 71 service points covering all areas. MH4 is currently developing 35 business points, largely postal and delivery services, postal finance and communication distribution. Nine communal cultural post offices cater to the service of public administrative procedures and facilitate rural people to carry out administrative documents.

In the coming time, Ca Mau Post will continue to receive administrative records and deliver settlement results; coordinate with relevant agencies and district-level government to select procedures to be transferred to postal services. It will continue to take part in and improve the effectiveness of guidance, reception, digitization and delivery of administrative procedures by public postal utilities according to Decision 468/QD-TTg dated March 27, 2021 of the Prime Minister on reformed implementation of the single-window mechanism in handling administrative procedures.

Besides, it will focus on infrastructure modernization by applying advanced technology and building digital infrastructure to optimize resources and bring multi-channel experiences to customers. At the same time, Ca Mau Post will upgrade the public postal network, and expand and develop the logistics and digital infrastructure to serve its local political tasks and development needs. It will join hands to exploit social resources and deploy the sharing economy model to increase the scale of network infrastructure.

In addition, Ca Mau Post will reform its production operations to optimize resources, data mining and digital technology. Ca Mau Post will restructure its organizational model, based on digital technology, and apply new service models and new business models in the digital economy and sharing economy.

“As a result, Ca Mau Post not only extends its leadership in providing public services, but also gradually expands the market and develops digital platforms to support participation in nationwide supply chains," Deputy Director Tran Trong Huong affirmed.

Thanh Long (Vietnam Business Forum)