Picenza Helps Create First-class Urban Standards in Son La

4:12:34 PM | 3/12/2022

Being entrusted by the province to develop an urban area in Chieng An Ward, Picenza Vietnam Group has really brought a new wind of vitality and helped give a facelift to Son La City, expected to be a first-grade urban area in the near future. At Picenza Riverside, residents will enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life. It not only makes Son La a good city for living, a political, economic, cultural and social center of the Northwest region, but also attracts more investors into the locality.

Attractive "green spaces" from three internal park complexes in Picenza Riverside

The following is the interview of Vietnam Business Forum with Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy - Deputy General Director of Picenza Vietnam Group.

To create a city of human-centered standards in Son La City, Picenza Vietnam Group has invested in Picenza Riverside, a high-class urban area. Could you please briefly introduce this project?

With a business philosophy that aims for creating urban areas of humanistic standards in Son La City, Picenza Vietnam Group is making an ongoing effort to satisfy customers with strict requirements for living space on the one hand and to uphold cultural and human values they carry on the other.

Picenza Riverside is a harmonious blend of architecture and landscape synchronously and methodically created. Residents not only live in a luxurious housing space and breathe in fresh air, but also easily access all internal utilities and freely exchange and share with each other. A civilized and cohesive community has been formed.

The humanistic value at Picenza Riverside is also illustrated in the innovative construction of three impressive theme parks - places for exciting community activities in the future. Each park is designed with a specific theme. For example, Artemis Park with labyrinth gardens, playgrounds for children and fountains was built to bring a space for fun, creativity and cognitive development in children. Athena Park with gymnasiums and tennis courts was designed for residents to comfortably practice sports and improve physical fitness and health. Apollo Park with yoga gardens, playgrounds and community houses is a place to exchange and connect residents in a modern cultural, sporting and entertaining space.

This novel theme park system has made Picenza Riverside distinctive from others and the best living residence in the Northwest. Besides, the water sports and entertainment complex with Aqua Pool, the first outdoor swimming pool of national standards in Son La, and Picenza Arena, an artificial grass football field, has formed a "miniature city" with all 5-star facilities.

How do you think about the real estate potential in Son La? What changes should be made to increase investment capital into this sector?

Son La province is home to many historical legacies and national prides. Son La City, a center of politics, economy, culture and society, has many positive changes in appearance and infrastructure.

Currently, Son La province has much potential for economic development. The province is eyeing to become a first-grade urban area to act as an economic center for agricultural exports in the Northwest. The province will focus investment on key infrastructure projects to create economic growth breakthroughs like Hanoi - Son La - Hoa Binh Expressway, Son La - Dien Bien - Tay Trang Expressway or Na San Airport.

In addition, with its natural beauty, Son La tourism is increasingly developing and attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists. It is necessary to promote tourism created from local characteristics and to build tours and links with other localities. Moreover, the province also needs to accelerate investment in highways that interconnect the region to soon turn Son La into a first-grade urban area, especially with focus on clearing difficulties in site clearance for investors.

Do you have any suggestions to authorities of Son La province to have more supportive policies for investors?

Apart from the above solutions, the province needs to woo investors to realize the goal of building the agricultural processing center of the Northwest to further bolster economic development.

Last but not least, the province should have special policies for real estate businesses to tap eco-tourism, thus attracting tourists and making Son La an attractive destination. This is also a premise for real estate booming.

Thank you very much!

By Duy Binh, Vietnam Business Forum