Soc Trang Province with Diversified Economy

2:32:12 PM | 9/11/2005

In the past years, Soc Trang has repeatedly increased its economic growth rates. Agriculture and fisheries have been diversified with added value making up over 35 per cent of the production value.
Agriculture: continued development
As agriculture continues to play the main role in the province, investment has been made in the development of water conservation with 400 km of sea wall and a network of canals, facilitating the rice cultivation in 160,000 hectares of two crops a year and irrigating 120,000 hectares of other crops. In 2004, the food output increased to 1.5 million tonnes including 700,000-800,000 tonnes of rice a year. With 72 km of coast, the sea-economy has become a main sector of the province. The province has 45,000 hectares raising shrimp. Vinh Chau district has a large area raising Artemia of high quality to export to Belgium and the US.
Industry-handicraft, though with only small investment, has increased 14-15 per cent a year with rice processing (700,000 tonnes a year), frozen aquaproducts (over 35,000 tonnes), salted mushrooms, sugar, and beer among others. Trade-service has also been developed with the export value increasing from US$25 million in 1992 to US$303 million in 2004 and US$325 million expected in 2005.
More to come
In 2006-2010, the province will continue the industrialisation and modernisation of rural areas. Investments will be encouraged in the application of advanced technology to increase the value of products for domestic consumption and export. The province will promote traditional craft and labour-intensive industries to make the best use of local human resources and cheap labour. Infrastructure, trade and service will be upgraded with the participation of all economic sectors. Urban areas, commercial centres, tourist centres will be developed to meet the demand of local people and foreign tourists.

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