Gia Lai Province's Investment Environment Improved

10:53:37 AM | 25/1/2006

In recent years, Gia Lai province has made great efforts to improve its investment environment, facilitating investors and enterprises with more attractive policies and regulations, additional planning, information and lists of investment projects. The administrative reform has streamlined formalities, saving time and increasing efficiency of investment projects.
Important attractions to investors are the stable growth rate at 11.3 per cent in the past five years (2001-2005) and the zoning for intensive production of coffee, rubber, cashew nut, sugar cane, and tobacco for processing and export. The living conditions of the people have been improved including ethnic minorities. Socio-economic infrastructure has been upgraded especially communication and transport, power and water supply, schools and hospitals, while natural resources remain almost untapped.
In 2003 and 2004, over 70 investment projects have been registered with a total capital of over VND7,000 billion (excluding those of central government and corporations), with 30 per cent of projects are under implementation or already in operation.
However, the province still has certain weaknesses such as poor socio-economic infrastructure, little access to capital market, far from industrial and consumption centres, low percentage trained workers.
Gia Lai will focus on the following solutions:
On the legal framework: Advocacy on investment and business activities will be promoted with local regulations in line with those of the central government. Administrative reformed will be accelerated to remove the constraints on formalities regarding customs, taxation, land rent and local authorities.
On the economic environment: The province will encourage the access to local resources, land, workplace, market and credits especially to small and medium sized enterprises in rural areas. The application of science and technology will be promoted together with the upgrading of socio-economic infrastructure (telecommunication, power and water supply).
On the socio-cultural environment: Public education on investment and business activities will be conducted to gain the co-operation and support of the local people in the production and protection of environment.
Certainly, with appropriate measures, the investment environment in Gia Lai will be further improved ensuring continued economic growth and better welfare for the local people.
Nguyen Viet Se
Gia Lai Party Commission