Cao Bang Province Encouraging Import-export Activities

9:42:00 AM | 21/2/2006

Alongside with the economic growth rate of the province at 8-10 per cent, the retail sales in 2005 increased 1.8 times that of 2000 with per capita of VND1,160,000 in 2000 and VND2,042,000 in 2005, meeting the demand of the local production and livelihood. The total import-export turnover increased from US$11.9 million in 2000 to US$38 million in 2004, or 2.5 times. While the main exports are mainly iron ore, manganese ore, agriculture and forestry products, the main imports are coke, equipment, consumers goods, fruit. The province has organised trade fairs and seminars to facilitate business cooperation between local and foreign partners.
In the coming years, the province will promote trade, meeting the demand of production and consumption of ethnic minorities in remote areas, purchasing their products, developing urban and rural markets, especially three border gates with China, accelerating administrative and customs reform, encouraging import-export activities, striving to attain the turnover of US$55 million in 2006 import-export.
 The province will boost the investment in the infrastructure of three border economic areas in Ta Lung, Tra Linh and Soc Giang and increase the export of processed ores and other agriculture and forestry products. The province will also promote trade and tourism, especially with China, encouraging local and foreign businesses develop their cooperation and make Cao Bang more attractive to investors.
Minh Duc