Canadian Businesses Signed Investment Documents in Long An and Quang Ngai Provinces

2:36:53 PM | 29/8/2006

Recently, a Canadian business delegation representing three companies and a group paid working visits to Long An and Quang Ngai provinces. Vietnamese counterparts have discussed with Mr. Pham Van Minh (overseas Vietnamese and Chairman of Can-Pacific Global INC),  Mr. Maksymchuk, Chairman of Lmtiontario INC and signed MOUs on construction, health and environment.

Accordingly, the two sides will invest in building factories producing steel frame for houses of low-income people in flooded region and resettlement area, villas and modern buildings, golf course in new urban areas, distribution of Canadian advanced equipment, construction of waste and water treatment stations.

According to the MOUs, Canadian side will ask Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to finance the management software in hospitals and provide ambulance cars to remote areas in Quang Ngai. Canadian side will also assist Quang Ngai granite enterprises to export their products to Canada and other markets. The agreements will be implemented by the two sides starting from September 2006.