Lai Chau Sees Industrial Development

11:58:26 AM | 18/1/2007

To develop the industry, Lai Chau focuses on mineral exploitation and processing with small and medium enterprises, agriculture and forestry processing, and fertilizer and mechanics. The province pays particular attention to the processing industry, labour-intensive and traditional craft using local materials and workforce such as textile, bamboo and rattan products, wood carving and furniture.
The province is developing hydro-power, mineral exploitation and production of building materials in districts of Muong Te, Sin Hod Phong Tho. Muong So Industrial Centre is being built in Phong Tho to attract investments to mineral processing, cement and building materials while Nam Hang Industrial Centre in Sin Ho and Muong Te is being built for the production of paper, roofing, stone and small mechanics. In 2005-2010, the industrial growth rates of the border districts will be 23-24 per cent.
From now to 2010, the province will develop handicraft and rural industry with processing centres, households and cooperative scales to encourage the people along the border to produce commodities from local materials for home consumption and export, thereby improving their living conditions.
Regarding capital, the province has mobilized the resources from all economic sectors with preferential treatment. Projects and programmes are closely combined to ensure the full participation and best benefit for both farmers and the community. The province also facilitates investment projects in local industrial centres and accords investors' preferential treatment.
Lai Chau Industry Department has applied policy and solutions on research and development, technology transfer and the internet free of charge. For the time being, the province continues the existing production of agriculture and forestry products, wooden furniture, building materials, etc.
Hien Nga

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