Striving to Overcome Difficulties and Accomplish Tasks

9:57:12 AM | 22/9/2023 | HA GIANG

In 2023, Vietnam’s economy faced difficulties as the global economy experienced recession and inflation. This poses a considerable challenge for the finance sector to fulfill its budget collection tasks.

Driving Force of Economic Growth

9:59:46 AM | 21/9/2023 | HA GIANG

Recognizing that science and technology is a crucial driving force for rapid and sustainable socioeconomic development, the science and technology sector of Ha Giang province concentrates on research, application and transfer of scientific and technological advances to all aspects of life and production practices, thus helping improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of manufactured products.

Adding Appeal to Industrial and Economic Zones

9:07:36 AM | 20/9/2023 | HA GIANG

Investment flows to industrial and economic zones in Ha Giang province have increased in recent years. This magnetism comes from many effective solutions to facilitate and support companies with the principal motto of "Investors in Ha Giang are citizens of Ha Giang, the success of companies is the success of Ha Giang province”.

Realizing the Potential of Ha Giang Tourism

10:09:50 AM | 19/9/2023 | HA GIANG

Ha Giang tourism has leveraged its diverse and rare potential to achieve remarkable changes in recent years, consolidating its position on the tourism map of Vietnam and beyond.

Accelerating Premium Commercial Agriculture Based on Value Chains

9:45:31 AM | 19/9/2023 | HA GIANG

Agriculture, farmers and rural areas play an important role and position in the cause of national renovation, construction and defense. They are a foundation and a great force for socioeconomic development, environmental protection and climate adaptation to meet the requirements of international integration. This is particularly true for Ha Giang, a frontier province that has a strategic position in national defense and security.

Industry and Trade: Sector Implementing Various Business Support Solutions

9:35:32 AM | 19/9/2023 | HA GIANG

By launching various solutions in concert, focusing on clearing obstacles and supporting businesses and cooperatives to quickly stabilize and restore production and business, the industry and trade sector of Ha Giang province has achieved remarkable results and significantly contributed to the province’s growth.

Improving Investment Climate for Greater Openness, Transparency and Equality

9:32:24 AM | 19/9/2023 | HA GIANG

Ha Giang province pays special attention to and firmly directs investment attraction, especially for agriculture, tourism and trade. Investment promotion has been carried out with radical, practical solutions and specific, transparent incentive policies.

Efforts for Good Quality of Healthcare

11:47:43 AM | 13/6/2022 | HA GIANG

The health sector of Hau Giang province was established in January 2004 under very difficult conditions, with shortages of medical professionals and outdated medical equipment.

Ha Giang EZs Authority Facilitating Investors

9:20:01 AM | 27/7/2021 | HA GIANG

To provide favorable conditions for investors in industrial and economic zones, Ha Giang Economic Zones Authority has strengthened administrative reform and actively accompanied businesses.

Maintaining Positive Growth Momentum

9:18:56 AM | 27/7/2021 | HA GIANG

The complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic has had considerable impact on business operations of enterprises and livelihoods of people. However, resolved to realize the dual goal of "fighting against the epidemic and focusing on economic development", the industry and trade sector of Ha Giang province has adopted many solutions to maintain positive growth momentum.