Efforts for Good Quality of Healthcare

11:47:43 AM | 13/6/2022 | HA GIANG

The health sector of Hau Giang province was established in January 2004 under very difficult conditions, with shortages of medical professionals and outdated medical equipment.

Ha Giang EZs Authority Facilitating Investors

9:20:01 AM | 27/7/2021 | HA GIANG

To provide favorable conditions for investors in industrial and economic zones, Ha Giang Economic Zones Authority has strengthened administrative reform and actively accompanied businesses.

Maintaining Positive Growth Momentum

9:18:56 AM | 27/7/2021 | HA GIANG

The complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic has had considerable impact on business operations of enterprises and livelihoods of people. However, resolved to realize the dual goal of "fighting against the epidemic and focusing on economic development", the industry and trade sector of Ha Giang province has adopted many solutions to maintain positive growth momentum.

Creating Breakthroughs in Transport Infrastructure Construction

9:15:15 AM | 27/7/2021 | HA GIANG

Ha Giang province determined that boosting investment in transport infrastructure construction and development is vital to successfully realize socioeconomic development goals and ensure security and defense.

Diversifying Amusing Tourism Products

9:55:09 AM | 26/7/2021 | HA GIANG

The tourism sector of Ha Giang province has made great progress to become a major tourist center in the northern border area and assert its name on the tourism map of Vietnam, the region and the world. To find out more information, our reporter has an exclusive interview with Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai, Director of Ha Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Nguyen Bach reports.

Ha Giang Improving Business Climate, Facilitating Enterprise Development

9:47:58 AM | 26/7/2021 | HA GIANG

To make transformational changes in perception, action, spirit and attitude of administrative agencies and public employees in service of people and enterprises, companionship and sharing is defined as a key solution to enhance the business investment climate, said Mr. Luong Van Doan, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment of Ha Giang province, in an interview granted to Vietnam Business Forum. Duy Binh reports.

Mobilizing, Effectively Using Financial Resources for Socio-economic Development

9:45:19 AM | 26/7/2021 | HA GIANG

The finance sector of Ha Giang province has advised the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee to operate the budget actively and flexibly to ensure balance and stability. At the same time, the sector has effectively implemented policies on finance and pricing and created momentum for the sustainable development of the local economy.

Hau Giang Solar Power Plant officially achieves Commercial Operation Date (COD)

11:07:59 AM | 31/12/2020 | HA GIANG

Hau Giang Solar Power plant with the capacity of 35MWp officially reached COD. The plant will produce about 50,800 MWh per annum. This is the first solar power operation in Hau Giang, contributing to the efficient exploitation of the provincial solar radiation potential and in line with the development strategy of renewable energy in Vietnam as well as general planning for solar power in the province.

Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve Keeping Great Values for Tourism Development

9:36:55 AM | 13/10/2020 | HA GIANG

Not only known as the "green lung" of the Mekong Delta, Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve is also a unique biodiversity conservation area home to a variety of indigenous flora and fauna of the southwestern river region.

Ha Giang: Every Village and Family Engaged in Rural Development

10:36:21 AM | 21/5/2020 | HA GIANG

Clearly defining that the new rural development program is designed to improve all aspects of material and spiritual life for people, in the past years, the Party and the governments at all levels have focused resources for new rural development, mobilized resources from the people and improved the roles and responsibility of each person in economic development, and complete new rural development criteria in the locality.