Lam Dong Agriculture Sees Sustainable Development

2:57:22 PM | 17/10/2007

Together with accelerated production of tea, vegetables and fruit in 2004, Lam Dong People’s Committee has issued Decision N. 237/2004/QD-UB on developing agriculture, forestry and raising milk and meat cows. 9,147 hectares have been planned for this purpose in 10 districts and Bao Loc town.
Achievements recorded
An important success of the province in agricultural production is to guide farmers in “increasing quality and reducing quantity.” To this end, over 3,000 farmers are trained each year. In turn, they again train other farmers in their localities. As a result, new technology and strains have been applied, raising economic efficiency. Thousands of high-yield units have been founded. Each year, some 6,000 hectares are transitioned to high-yield and high-quality crops such as coffee, tea, vegetables and fruit. In 2001, the transformation helped the province double area and triple output of flowers. It also reduced coffee area by 10,000 hectares while increasing output to 63,000 tonnes and raw tea to 42,000 tonnes. Average yield per hectare increased 30-50 per cent (in some cases 300-500 per cent). Income was VND2-3 billion per hectare.
More investment projects
So far, 48 investors have registered in the planned areas, including 14 projects approved (2,478 hectares) and 34 projects licensed (2,682 hectares). 3,987 hectares remain, waiting for investment. Meanwhile, 36 investors from other localities have developed agriculture and forestry on 4,740 hectares.
         In addition, the province has applied high technology in agricultural production in Lac Duong district and developed eco-tourism on the remaining 172 hectares for investment in Da Dum area. In vegetable and fruit production, 9 projects have been implemented in 445.5 hectares. There are, however, certain shortcomings. For instance, My Thanh Co. Ltd was licensed to develop a cattle herd and pastures in Bao Lam district, but it could not be implemented due to the poor quality of land. In Ya Hoa and K’Don areas of Don Duong district, investors have also withdrawn for the same reason. Consequently, the province has decided to improve planning to attract more investment.
Accelerated development
Currently, Lam Dong is applying 12 solutions to ensure sustainable development. The first priority is combining materials area with the processing industry. Research and technology transfer are encouraging “green, clean and highly efficient production.” Meanwhile, priority is also given to investment in agricultural production.
According to Mr Pham Van An, Director of Lam Dong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, it is important to combine economic restructuring with human resource development and employment. This will contribute greatly to the province’s sustainable development.
Hong Le