Viettel Cao Bang: Sustaining Success

2:23:34 PM | 7/1/2008

In three years in Cao Bang, the Cao Bang Branch of Viettel Corporation has registered more than 60,000 users. Together with raising user numbers and the development and improvement of the infrastructure system, including transmission systems, Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and the workforce, Viettel Cao Bang has become a leading provider of telecommunication services in this locality.
Early achievement of set targets
Regarding the number of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), Viettel Cao Bang has seen the fastest growth. The branch accounts for up to 70 percent of BTS in the province, with 58 existing BTS  and 60 more to be installed in 2008, to cover all districts. Looking back, in the early days of October 2004 Viettel Cao Bang had only one BTS, seven as of December 2005, more than 20 as of December 2006, and 58 at the moment. This remarkable growth is thanks to the tireless efforts of local staff, who are now serving more than 40,000 regular users. The network covers the area from Cao Bang Town to mountainous districts such as Bao Lac, Bao Lam and frontier posts. Communication is, therefore, always ensured.
Furthermore, Viettel Cao Bang pays due attention to developing its transmission network, as well as expanding the number of fixed telephone users and Internet subscribers. Up to now Viettel Cao Bang has more than 500 kilometres of optical cable from the centre of the province to the districts. Viettel Cao Bang has supplied Internet and fixed telephone services in the Town (the network is to be expanded to nine districts in 2008), developed approximately 1,000 fixed telephone users and Internet bandwidth subscribers (this service was implemented in January 2007) and more than 1,000 fixed wireless telephone users (though this service was just implemented in July 2007). Thanks to continuous efforts, Viettel Cao Bang’s revenue has increased from some hundreds of millions dong in 2005 to nearly one hundred billion dong currently.
During the last three years, Viettel Cao Bang has always fulfilled annual targets one to two months ahead of time.
Leading multi-service provider
With just 15 percent of citizens already using telecommunication devices, Cao Bang is a potential market for enterprises operating in this area. With appropriate strategies, Viettel Cao Bang approached the market quickly and therefore has various competitive advantages. Based on the needs of local people, Viettel Cao Bang has diversified its range of services and renewed its operation method for better service. With Viettel Cao Bang’s widespread transaction points and competent officials and staff, its services are always done well. Consultation is provided to give customers the best choice of service with optimal service conditions. In case of problems, Viettel Cao Bang’s officials and staff have always been present for timely support and effective solutions. Customers’ opinions have always been taken into account for an effective response.
Viettel Cao Bang is also a leading organization to spread telecommunication coverage to far-flung mountainous area. Mr Dam Van Lap, Chairman of Cach Linh commune, Phuc Hoa district says, “Prior to Viettel’s presence, Cach Linh people wanting to exchange information had to travel on foot, which was so time-consuming. Nowadays, we are very happy with the wide network of Viettel. Every service provided by Viettel is welcome and supported by our local authority and citizens.” Mr Truong Manh Duc, Director of Viettel Cao Bang branch emphasizes that, “Viettel is present wherever production and trading activities and daily life demands telecommunication services.” Besides, Viettel Cao Bang has actively participated in social and charity works across the province. 

Mr Duong Duc Toan, Director of Cao Bang’s Department of Post & Telecommunication assesses that, “With enthusiasm and tireless efforts, Viettel Cao Bang has strived continuously for the development of the branch and post and telecommunication sector of the province. We expect that Viettel Cao Bang will further improve and better serve Cao Bang citizens, fostering Cao Bang’s socio-economic development.”