Side by Side with Dak Lak Businesses

5:38:29 PM | 27/5/2009

The Dak Lak Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Centre was established in accordance with the Decision No. 3063/QD-UBND dated November 20, 2007 of the Dak Lak province’s People’s Committee. The centre started its official operations in May 2008. At present, Dak Lak is one of pioneering localities in creating favourable conditions for businesses and resolving difficulties involving policy and regime for them. Remarkably, the centre has a good source of finance, mainly from the State Budget, to assist local enterprises to boost trade, investment and tourism promotion activities.
With more active, effective investment cooperation and promotion activities, a better investment climate, investment activities in the province have progressed, with increasing number and scale of new investment projects. In 2008, Dak Lak attracted 37 projects with a total registered capital of VND900 billion, including 10 projects for hydropower and industry, 15 agricultural and forestry projects and 12 service and commercial projects. Particularly, 24 projects worth VND1,480.216 billion received investment licences and nine projects with VND184.8 billion started official operations. Many major projects are underway with a total investment capital of VND1,041.596 billion, including fuel alcohol production factory project invested by Vietnam Biological Alcohol Joint Stock Company, Buon Ma Thuot central market construction project, infrastructure construction projects for Tan An industrial parks 1 and 2, Dak Lak cultural, commercial and general service centre project (Dak Lak Center ), Hoang Nguyen Plaza Hotel project, southern Buon Ma Thuot bus station project and Phu Xuan commercial centre project.
Mr Ly Thanh Tung, Director of the Dak Lak Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Centre, said: In the first quarter of 2009, the centre received and supported many domestic and international investors to conduct surveys and seek investment opportunities in Dak Lak province. Specifically, the centre met and guided investment procedures for 17 investors, including four licensed: Sport club project of Dieu Hien Trading & Service Company, a project to grow rubber trees in Ea Huar commune, Buon Don district, a rubber plantation and material forest project of Phuc Nguyen Construction and Service Company in Cu Elang commune, Ea Kar district, and Giang Son tunnel brick factory construction project of Binh Minh I Construction Co., Ltd. Other investors are continuing with their surveys.
Notably, the People’s Committee of Dak Lak province has approved trade, investment and tourism promotion activities in 2009 with a total expenditure of VND1.8 billion and the Ministry of Planning and Investment has recently ratified the national investment promotion programme, in which Dak Lak will get VND500 million to carry out investment promotion activities in the province and in the region. Apart from regular trade promotion activities, we are carrying out other major activities like compiling foreign economic and investment cooperation programme until 2020, preparing a joint investment promotion conference with other Central Highland provinces, popularising and introducing the image of Dak Lak province by attending major trade fairs and business events in Vietnam and the world, studying coffee trading with Mexico and applying e-commerce to cut costs.
Dong Nhat