An Giang Mechanical JSC Continuing Growth in All Aspects

4:19:07 PM | 17/12/2009

As the labour hero in the renovation process, An Giang Mechanical Joint Stock Company has manufactured agricultural machines, equipment and steel bridges for rural areas for 30 years. The company has made significant contributions to the provincial economic growth.
With the purposes of serving the national industrialisation and modernisation, the rural modernisation and the company’s sustainable development, An Giang Mechanical Joint Stock Company’s leaders and employees always strive to ride out all difficulties to meet requirements of customers and contribute to the growth of the province and the nation. Since 2003, the company has applied the ISO 9001-2000 quality management standard system and maintained its operations under the 5S methodology of Japan. Thus, its production and business activities improved in both quality and quantity.
In May 2007, the company became a member of the Vietnam Engine & Agricultural Machinery Corporation (VEAM). In early 2008, it started operating as a joint stock company. Continuous changes added strengths to the company’s development despite domestic and global economic recession. In 2007, the firm’s revenues climbed 49.67 percent and the profit rose 5.72 percent from 2006. In 2008, revenue and profit growths were 53.79 percent and 54.59 percent, respectively. In 2009, the company expects revenues to grow 7.8 percent and profit to increase 5.79 percent from 2008.
With its continuous improvements for its products and services like serial rice harvesters, rice combine harvesters, drying systems, drying tanks, waterway transport means and rural steel bridges, the company has won the absolute trust from its customers and An Giang Mechanical Joint Stock Company has become a renowned trademark in Vietnam and in the world.
As regards social development activities, the company has built up a welfare system and entertainment system to help and improve the health of labourers, actively takes part in charity activities and raises funds for victims of natural calamities, studious poor students and unlucky people.
With experienced and skilled engineers and workers, the judicious direction of leaders and determination of all members, the company has continuously developed all aspects. To promote its achievements, the company always strives to provide better products and services for its customers and contribute more to the socioeconomic development of the province and the international economic integration of the country.