Kien Giang Fostering International Cooperation

4:41:01 PM | 26/10/2009

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Giang province holds favourable conditions to expand economic exchanges with regional countries and to act as a bridge to link south-western provinces with the outside world.
Sharing the water current of the Mekong River, Kien Giang and many provinces and cities in Cambodia, Thailand, China and other nations have signed many international cooperation agreements to create momentums for not only economic development but also cultural, social, defence and security strengthening. Particularly, the relationship between Kien Giang province and Kampot province and Kep city of Cambodia is improving. The three localities share the national borderline; thus, they are easily developing friendly relations and economic ties.
Besides, organisations from the countries regularly exchange meetings and pay shuttle visits to deepen friendship ties. On August 29, 2009, at the invitation of Mr Has Sa Reth, Governor of Kep Province and Chairman of Kep National Development Solidarity Front Committee, Mr Le Van Hong, President of Kien Giang Friendship Associations Ally, and delegates of the Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Association in Kien Giang province, paid a visit to Cambodia and attended the introductory ceremony of the Cambodia - Vietnam Friendship Association’s steering committee. On this occasion, the Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Association of Kien Giang province presented 50 wheelchairs for disabled people, computers and initial operating fund of US$500 for the Cambodia - Vietnam Friendship Association. Additionally, the Kien Giang Friendship Associations Ally also granted scholarships of US$2,000 for the Central Cambodia - Vietnam Friendship Association.
Apart from cultural exchanges, Kien Giang and provinces and cities in many countries have joined hands to develop the economy, especially tourism. Kien Giang province and Kep province have many common advantages and characteristics for maritime tourism development. Thus, Kep province sent tourism officials to Kien Giang province to exchange viewpoints and seek opportunities to open tours from Kep to Kien Giang and vice versa.
Especially, the tourism cooperation agreement has been ratified by Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand at the first meeting in Sihanouk City of Cambodia. Tourism officials of the three countries unanimously ratified the cooperation programme to develop the shared sea area into a place of interest to tourists.

Huyen Minh