NHG Expands Operation in Kien Giang

8:12:17 PM | 15/5/2008

Nguyen Hoang Technology Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (NHG) has officially launched its new branch in Kien Giang at 75–77 Lac Hong, Vinh Lac precinct, Rach Gia town, Kien Giang province in late April, 2008. The branch is an Information Technology complex including ICT Hardware Supermarket (ICThardware), computer clinic (iCARE) and IT training school (iSPACE). NHG Kien Giang is situated in a six story building with total usable area of over 3000 square metres.
In the opening ceremony, NHG Kien Giang signed three contracts, they are: a contract of supplying computer – network maintenance service for Nguyen Trung Truc High School in Rach Gia town; a contract with Kien Long Bank to sell computers on an instalment plan to state officials and teachers in the province; and a cooperation contract with Rach Gia Youth Union to assist members with vocational training (tuition reduction of 30 – 60 per cent is offered to poor members, and students are able to access financial support from the policy bank). The company also awarded 10 scholarships to excellent poor students in Rach Gia town and the helpdesk toolbox to the first 50 iSPACE students.