Kien Giang Province's Planning Facilitates Investment

4:57:11 PM | 24/4/2007

Kien Giang Province will have 27 urban zones by 2020, including Rach Gia City (urban grade I), Ha Tien Town (grade III), Kien Luong - Ba Hon - Hon Chong, Minh Luong, U Minh, Duong Dong (grade IV) and others (grade V).
The province will build two tourism areas, namely Ha Tien Town and Kien Luong District. Ha Tien Border Economic Zone will combine both economic and tourism development to turn Ha Tien Town into a city by 2010, and build tourist sites in Mui Nai and Dong Ho Pond. Kien Luong District has tourist sites on the mainland and on islands, like U Minh Thuong tourist site.
By 2008, Phu Quoc island district will have Duong Dong, An Thoi, Cua Can, Ganh Dau, Ham Ninh, Suoi Lon, Duong Bao urban zones and rural residential zones. It has detailed the development of maritime tourism at 13 beaches. These bases, in addition to incentive policies from the government, give Kien Giang Province great advantages in calling investment into Phu Quoc Island, turning it into a favourite maritime tourism, commercial and service centre of Kien Giang, Vietnam and the world.
Kien Giang has also outlined the development of industrial and handicraft zones, four primary examples are the 140-ha Thuan Yen industrial complex, the 61-ha Go Quao industrial and handicraft complex, the 108-ha Tac Cau Fishing Port Industrial Complex (phase II), and the 2,210-ha Kien Luong - Ba Hon - Hon Chong industrial complex. In the coming time, the province will license the construction of smaller industrial zones and complexes with average areas of 25 ha. The 250-ha Thach Loc industrial zone, awaiting approval from the government, will help Kien Giang shift its economic structure by increasing industry, construction, trade and service.
In addition, Kien Giang Province is also building urban infrastructure, waste treatment centres, and parks to serve economic development, industrialisation and modernisation.
Thai Hoang