Kien Giang Lets out Forests for Ecotourism Development

4:39:36 PM | 7/10/2009

The steering board of the Forestland Leasing Project of Kien Giang province said the province may let out forestlands for ecotourism development in U Minh Thuong; islets in An Son, Nam Du communes (Kien Hai district); Ha Tien town with 13 islets in Hai Tac Islands, Ba Ly Mount, Van Thi Mount and Dia Tang Mount; Kien Luong district with 37 islets like Ba Lua islet, Mot islet, Mong Tay islet; May Mount, Huynh Mount, Son Tra Mount, Hon Chong Mount, Re Nho islet, Re Lon islet, Nghe islet, Rong islet, etc.
Previously, the chairman of Kien Giang province’s People’s Committee also approved the project that Phu Quoc National Park would cooperate with Viet Ngoc Company to develop a 530-hectare forest-based eco-tourism project in the national garden.