Bac Ninh Industrial Parks Authority- Vanguard in Industrialisation and Modernisation

1:09:59 PM | 8/6/2011

A span of 13 years is enough for the Bac Ninh Industrial Parks Authority to prove its functions and tasks of State management over industrial parks in the province. The authority has played an important role in the industrialisation and modernisation of Bac Ninh province.
Vanguard force
In the past years, the Bac Ninh Industrial Parks Authority has advised the Provincial People’s Committee - the governing body - to issue legal documents concerning the administration of industrial parks, including the coordinated regulations on the State management of industrial parks in Bac Ninh; regulations on documentation procedures and coordinated mechanism in appraising the licence for projects in industrial parks; regulations on industrial park management and infrastructure construction management, etc.
Notably, the authority has actively advised the Provincial People’s Committee to complete the industrial park development plan from now till 2015, with vision towards 2020. Besides, it has successfully promoted and attracted investment, and selected projects invested by world-acclaimed multinational corporations and hi-tech projects to lay the groundwork for the formation of spearhead industry; effectively implemented the “one-stop shop” mechanism for investment procedures, and reformed administrative procedures to create most favourable investment for investors to carry out their projects and for authorities to supervise the implementation of licensed projects and support investors when they do business in the province.
Besides, the authority was a pioneer in developing and applying the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and was certified for this work in December 2007. The Provincial People’s Committee also recognised the first-grade management unit for the provincial industrial park management board in January 2008.
Making Bac Ninh most attractive to investors
The task of planning and building industrial parks has attained certain results. Since the first Tien Son Industrial Park was constructed December 2000, Bac Ninh province has completed industrial park development planning for the period through 2015, with vision spanning to 2020. Among 15 industrial parks with a total area of 7,525 ha (including 6,541 ha for industrial parks and 984 ha for urban residence) approved by the Prime Minister, 10 are under construction and the rest are in operation. These industrial parks have to date required US$587 million for infrastructure construction (more than 50 percent already disbursed). Investors have leased 45.88 percent of claimed land area and 65 percent of rentable area.
Apart from its high focus on industrial park infrastructure development, the authority has attached much importance to promoting and attracting investment capital into industrial parks. Many world-leading and Vietnamese companies have located their production facilities in industrial parks in the province. As of June 2010, industrial parks in the province attracted 422 projects with a total registered capital US$3.23 billion (including 184 FDI projects with US$2.3 billion). The capital on a hectare of land leased is US$3.38 million and the capital on project is US$7.67 million. Especially in 2008 and 2009, industrial parks attracted 115 projects (including 77 FDI projects) with an aggregate total registered capital of US$1.586 billion, averaging US$5.05 million per hectare of land leased and US$13.8 million per project licensed. These results made Bac Ninh a leading province in the country in terms of investment attraction.
As of May 2011, 250 projects in industrial parks are in operation. In 2011, these projects are expected to account for 55 percent of the province’s industrial production value and 90 percent of the export value, create jobs for more than 50,000 workers, with some 50 percent being Bac Ninh residents. Particularly, many large-scale advanced technology projects invested by multinational corporations like Canon, Samsung, ABB and Nokia are operational. These projects, mainly involved in electricity, electronics and ICT, will make breakthroughs in industrial production value, export turnover and tax revenue in the province.
In the coming time, the Bac Ninh Industrial Parks Authority will continue focusing on building and developing high-tech, environment-friendly industrial and urban zones approved insurance the Prime Minister. It will give priority to hi-tech, environment-friendly projects invested by multinational corporations. Electricity, electronics and precision engineering are defined as leading industries because they are important foundations for the development of supporting industries in Bac Ninh. Besides, it will attract investors to build infrastructure in all 15 licensed industrial parks. It will coordinate with world-leading brands with business presence in the province like Samsung, Canon and ABB to uplift position and polish the image of industrial parks in Bac Ninh province. It will support more companies to apply ISO14000 standard (environment standards) and bring the industrial production of industrial parks to 70 percent of the province’s total and 90 percent of the exports by 2015.
Hoang Lan