Ha Tinh City: Success in Administrative Reform

5:48:09 AM | 20/9/2011

Ha Tinh regards administrative reform as a driving force of development, a key solution to attract investment for socio-economic development. Vietnam Business Forum discussed withMr Tran The Dung, Chairman of Ha Tinh City People’s Committee, Van Le reports.
Ha Tinh City has been quite successful in administrative reform, how does this result in the attraction of investments?
In compliance with the policy of the Party and State on administrative reform, Ha Tinh City People’s Committee has implemented specific guidelines and regulations, facilitating investors in formalities, land compensation and clearance, and project implementation.
Those efforts have brought positive impacts on the flow of investments to the city. So far, some 20 investors (mostly from other provinces) with 25 big projects on infrastructure, trade and service have been approved and are under implementation. Big economic groups such as HUD, PetroVietnam, Song Da Corporation, and Tecco are contributing to the transformation of the city and promoting socio-economic development. New and modern urban areas are being developed in the city. The city will continue its administrative reform to attract more investors.
What are the main causes of the successful administrative reform?
The city is determined to carry out administrative reform with transparency in allocation, usage and approval of budget; integrity in workforce and spending in all public offices. Accordingly, the city could terminate the “beg-and-give” mechanism in financing, and encourage authorities at all levels to increase income, saving, and efficient use of funds.
How could you combine administrative reform with upgrading the capacity and responsibility of the staff?
Upgrading the capacity and responsibility of the staff is most important for the development of a healthy and modern administration in the service of the people. However, there are still many difficulties due to the lack of adequate training before assigning staff members. In particular, responsibilities of managers have not been clearly defined and salaries of staff members not duly improved to encourage them in their work.
What is your plan to make Ha Tinh a Grade II City by 2015?
The city already has a master plan to 2020 and vision to 2030, expanding 7 new urban areas with nearly 1,000 hectares. To build a Grade II city, with the cooperation of the province and Monitor Consulting Group (US), Ha Tinh City is developing a general plan to build a modern city with living quarters, commercial centres, handicraft sections, green parks, road networks and specialized agricultural areas. The city will also reserve good locations to attract businesses and investors.
 Then, what is the orientation for investments and commitments to investors?
Investment for development is a key task of the city. In 2011-2015, the city will attract maximum resources of all economic sectors inside and outside the city for efficient and sustainable economic growth with an attractive environment for investments and business activities.
The city will facilitate and encourage businesses and investors, local and foreign, to develop technical infrastructure, industry and service with preferential treatment provided by the Investment Law, other benefits in land use and taxes ensured by the central government and Ha Tinh province, as well as policies of the city itself.