Quang Tri Mineral JSC: Firm Branding

3:18:02 PM | 12/10/2011

Over 10 years since Quang Tri Mineral Company was changed to “Quang Tri Mineral Joint Stock Company” (QMC), it has gradually overcome difficulties and achieved strong development.
Initially, QMC was a unit which only exploited mineral with a small workforce, met many difficulties in exploitation due to climate impacts, electricity cuts, site clearance etc. However, the hardest problem that it faced was lack of capital, and outdated technology. Director Le Vinh Thieu revealed: “There is only limited titanium in Quang Tri. If it is not properly exploited, it will run out soon.” Understanding this, he worked out a new development strategy for the company; QMC has made all efforts to invest in modern technology to exploit and process mineral properly as well as expand varied business. 
Under the strategy, QMC has invested in its affiliates namely ore filtering mill, Stone Exploitation Mill SCC, Material exploitation Mill 1, smooth zircon grinding mill (output of 4,500 tonnes per year), Material exploitation Mill 2; Mechanics Mill, Ilmenite ore mill and Department of Mineral research. Particularly, Ilmenite ore mill outputs 20,000 tonnes per year (in Quan Ngang Industrial Zone). This is the biggest ore mill in Vietnam with automation and high environmental treatment level, which will be completed and put into operation in September.
Besides, QMC is cooperating with Thai Nguyen Refractory Group to study technology of Ilmenite ore generation 2; build Steel filling tube plant in Quang Tri using main input of Cua Viet silica. The company also cooperates with Axiom Vietnam Joint Stock Company to conduct the Gold Exploration Project certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Xa Loi – Me Xi – Dong Chat area, Vinh O and Vinh Ha communes, Vinh Linh district, starting exploration in August 2011.
At the moment, the Company has 750 employees, 150 – 200 technicians, 50 engineers, graduates and MAs. To keep up with the company’s development, application of technology into production requires staff and employees to improve professional qualifications; annually the company holds training courses for labourers. QMC determines human resource as the key factor to the company’s current success.
Bich Huong