Tien Giang Orchard-based Tourism: Increasingly Attractive

4:02:19 AM | 11/6/2012

Tien Giang province is regarded as the fastest-growing orchard-based tourism locality with the highest volume of international visitors in the Mekong Delta. The province will continue to develop orchard-based eco-tourism in the time to come. Tien Giang has created its own unique brand with many attractive tourist products.
 Connection among regions, sub-regions intensified
In the Mekong Delta, Tien Giang takes the lead in exploiting the potential of clean industry for livelihood improvement and socio-economic development. Since the 1980s, the province opened pioneering eco-tours "Mekong tour" which has been well known widely for the famous attractions namely Thoi Son island, Con Rong, Vinh Trang pagoda, Tan Thanh beach, Hoang Gia monument, and Cai Be ancient house.
In the new period, Tien Giang tourism gets more impressive with various types of unique tourist attractions which help increase revenue and income for the locality. Tien Giang province also effectively takes advantage of its strengths and cooperates with neighbouring provinces to efficiently exploit tourism potential. Besides, the province has adopted a number of solutions to help tourism grow in a sustainable way.
Thanks to these tireless efforts, the tourism industry has made remarkable achievements. According to the Department of Culture and Sports and Tourism, since the beginning of the year, Tien Giang has welcomed over 465,000 visitors, earning over VND118 billion, up 11 percent and 20 percent respectively over the same period last year. In 2012, the province strives to attract 1.13 million customers with revenues of VND 257 billion.
As for orientation of tourism development in the period 2012 - 2015, Tien Giang attaches importance to regional links, sub-region, and resource mobilization to turn tourism into a dynamic economic sector and turn the province into a unique and attractive destination. For 2015, Tien Giang tourism sector set the goal of welcoming 1.5 million visitors, including 800,000 international visitors with revenue of VND410 billion.
To achieve objectives, Tien Giang province has put forward several important measures to create favourable conditions for tourism development of the province, attracting more investment and tourists.
Development of human resources for tourism sector is one of the favourable factors underpinning the development of this sector. Therefore, in future, Tien Giang province will pay much attention to training a professional contingent so as to meet the demand of industry in the new period. Besides, the province should also promote the strengths of natural, historic, and scenic spots to attract tourists, thereby creating incentives for socio-economic development.
Most appealing orchard-based tourism in the Mekong Delta
In the new period, Tien Giang turning tourism into a dynamic economic sector will contribute greatly to the development of the province. Orchard-based tourism is seen as a tremendous impetus to help the tourism industry to complete the "tasks" assigned.
This shows how orchard-based eco-tourism has an important role in tourism development in the province. It also shows that this tourism model is quite attractive to domestic and foreign tourists. Orchard-based ecotourism growth is due to the fact that Tien Giang is blessed with two great rivers flowing through it; the Vam Co River in the north and the Tien River in the south. Along the rivers are orchards on more than 67,000 ha which churn out an output of nearly 1 million tonnes per year.
Therefore, throughout almost the whole year, Tien Giang has fruit to serve tourists. In addition, the province has 20 national relics and 84 provincial ones, the romantic Tan Thanh beach, Dong Thap Muoi conservation areas ...and orchards to introduce to visitors.
The other advantage is the tourism pier based in the city of My Tho designed under Mekong Tourism Development Project funded by the Asian Development Bank. The pier construction is aimed at serving international cruise ships en route from HCMC to Cambodia and vice versa. According to the industry experts, Tien Giang has many advantages which can help the tourism industry to grow robustly. Especially, the road and waterways system have been upgraded, which facilitate travel.
According to a representative of Tien Giang Department of culture, sport and tourism, orchard-based eco-tourism has become the particular strength of Tien Giang province. This model has promoted tourism growth and turned Tien Giang into the province with the highest proportion of international visitors in the Mekong Delta.
In the future, Tien Giang province will continue to develop orchard-based eco-tourism. The province will make attractive and unique tourism products. The beach of Tien Giang will become an attractive destination. The tours will be designed close to natural wetland areas and fruit trees together with traditional villages and historical – cultural relics.
Hoang Linh