Truong Phu Vinh Coconut Jelly: Pride of Ben Tre Specialties

10:45:40 PM | 20/6/2012

If you have ever tried coconut specialties in Ben Tre province, you will never forget Truong Phu Vinh coconut jelly. Intensive investment with good leadership has made Truong Phu Vinh Co., Ltd a leading producer of coconut jelly in the southern province of Ben Tre.
Phu Vinh Truong’s products are different from other brands in premium quality and reasonable prices for many customers. Besides, the company focuses on diversifying products. Director Truong Phu Vinh has spent over 15 years researching and developing new coconut products and enthusiastically assisted other local businesses to make new products sourced from local coconut trees.
Just like 15 years ago when he started the business, he always keeps a close watch on all processes of coconut jelly production. He explained: “I can only feel assured when I see the process with my own eyes that I know the quality that makes the name of our product.” Apart from strong domestic sales, Truong Phu Vinh coconut jelly has been exported to other countries, like Taiwan (90 percent) and South Korea.
Truong Vinh Phu Co., Ltd always proactively renovates and modernises technology, machinery and equipment in order to improve product quality, ensure food safety, and reduce environmental impacts. Therefore, product quality is always kept stable and closely managed.
Truong Phu Vinh Co., Ltd now has nearly 100 employees. As humans are the key to success, the company puts a premium on employment policies and applies remuneration policies for employees. Specially, the company is a pioneer in building houses for migrant workers, thus strengthening their attachment to the company.
Han Luong