Soc Trang Public Urban Work Co., Ltd: Growing with the Modern City

2:41:17 PM | 18/9/2012

Together with the socioeconomic development process and urbanisation process, Soc Trang Public Urban Work Co., Ltd has achieved rapid growth and made important contributions to the civilised and beautiful appearance of Soc Trang province. The company has focused on building capacity and increasing investment in modern specialised equipment to complete assigned tasks.
Currently, Soc Trang province Public Urban Work Co., Ltd is primarily specialised in providing environmental sanitation services; managing, maintaining and restoring public sewer systems; planting and taking care of trees; consulting civil construction and industrial construction, illumination and others. Apart from a qualified and experienced workforce, the company’s competitive advantages are modern equipment systems to deploy high-quality construction works. This is the foundation for the firm to undertake major projects, design and build large-scale works in Soc Trang and other provinces.
Along with public duties, Soc Trang Public Urban Work Co., Ltd is assigned by the Soc Tran Provincial People’s Committee to manage and execute relatively large projects in the province. The first is Soc Trang water drainage and treatment plant in Soc Trang City, which is test-running. Among six provinces funded to build such a project, Soc Trang is the first to complete the first phase of the project. This is a good sign for Soc Trang province and the pride of the company’s staff in its efforts for quick work.
The second is the solid waste treatment facility funded by Norway. The plant is capable of treating 160 tonnes of waste a day. The third is Lam Vien Park in Soc Trang City, called the “green lung” of the city. In the long run, Lam Vien is a relaxing place for local citizens, a filter for urban environment, and a sightseeing attraction for tourists. The project, which is scheduled to be carried out from 2013 to 2016, costs over VND146 billion.
In addition to the above three projects, the company also took over the construction of cemeteries in Soc Trang City. It is planting trees, levelling the site and installing illuminating systems. The completion of these important projects will improve the appearance of Soc Trang City which is striving to be a second-grade urban zone.
Remarking on future development direction, Ms Ha Thi Xuan Mai, Director of Business Plan Department, said the company will focus on completing the projects assigned by the Provincial People’s Committee. It will improve the quality and diversify its strengths. In addition, the firm will strive to enhance operating performance and increase investment for modern specialised equipment.

Song Thanh