Binh Dinh Growing Day by Day

4:56:07 PM | 9/10/2012

Binh Dinh has utilised its available social and natural resources to accelerate and sustain economic development in the direction of industrialisation and modernisation. Since its reestablishment, with solidarity, creativity and the endeavours of the entire Party and the people, the province has constantly attained achievements and moved firmly on the path of planned development. To learn more about these achievements, Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Chairman Le Huu Loc of the Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee. Quoc Hung reports.
Could you tell us about outstanding socio-economic and cultural achievements that Binh Dinh made in the first six months of 2012? How did the province curb inflation and sustain economic growth?
Consumer price index had been curbed to the lowest level for the first time in many years. CPI climbed only 13.38 per cent in the first six months of 2012, featured by minor gains in many months and even negative growth. This was the basis for the province to believe in its effort to keep CPI stable and adopt pro-growth fiscal and monetary policies - a move to reduce borrowing costs in the last months of the year.
Specially, for the first time in decades, the increase in wages and allowances for public service has hardly any effect on consumer price index. CPI even fell (down 0.18 per cent) in the month of wage increase. The 26.5 per cent wage rise plus a 15 per cent allowance increase for public service brought the total salary rise to about 40 per cent from May 1, 2012. This helped improve net incomes for wage earners.
Its GDP reached VND4,818.2 billion, an increase of 6.01 per cent from a year earlier. Particularly, agriculture, forestry and fishery accounted for 41.93 per cent; industry and construction made up 23.76 per cent; and services contributed 34.31 per cent. Cultural - social activities continued to be improved; social security was guaranteed; and living standards of the people are basically stabilised. National defence and security were maintained.
In the last months of 2012, Binh Dinh province will persist toward its targets set at the start of the year. Accordingly, it will continue to give priority to curbing inflation and stabilising the economy, not only for 2012 but also in following years, to maintain growth and sustain development. Besides, growth and inflation will be maintained at reasonable rates.

Binh Dinh is doggedly determined to be become an industrialised province by 2020. This is a persistent key task of the Provincial People's Party and the people in the coming time. What is the province doing to turn this goal into reality soon?
Binh Dinh focuses on six central tasks. Particularly, the province pays attention to promoting local potential and strengths to maintain high growth rate while placing importance to quality, efficiency and the sustainability of growth and enhancing economic competitiveness. It effectively mobilises and attracts investment resources, improves investment environment, creates favourable conditions to mobilize all social resources for development investment, especially resources of the masses and businesses of all economic sectors inside and outside the province.
Binh Dinh takes care of planning and pays attention to improving planning quality and management, especially for socioeconomic development master plan, infrastructure construction plan, economic sector development plan, regional development plan, land-use planning, urban development plan, industrial park development plan, tourism development plan, and residence development plan. The province concentrates on completing and modernising social and economic infrastructure, incorporates economic and industrial zone development with traffic and irrigation system development and other important infrastructures to develop agriculture, forestry, fishery, industry, service, and tourism. It focuses on investing to build the western part of the province, especially in traffic and irrigation system development to tap the potential in this area. The province strengthens cooperation and connectivity with other provinces in the central key economic region, in the Central Highlands, southern Laos, northeast Cambodia and Thailand to increase their role in provincial socioeconomic development.
In the coming time, what will Binh Dinh do to overcome challenges and grasp every single opportunity?
The world economic crisis started some years ago and shows no signs of ending soon. Production stabilisation and business development are vital to the existence of any business. Before that hardship, Binh Dinh will have to take appropriate steps to overcome challenges and snatch every opportunity when the economy revives. Therefore, Binh Dinh defined that, in 2012 and in subsequent years as well, the province will actively participate in centrally organised investment and trade promotion activities in the country and in the world, while actively inviting specific investors with known addresses (investors already in Binh Dinh) to explore new investment and business opportunities. Especially, it will attract companies to invest in the sea economy which holds huge potential. In addition, it will boost post-investment support for investors who have registered to do business in the province; and review the investment policies of projects lacking capacity in favour of investors with greater capacity.
Accordingly, we determined to take one step ahead in preparing both social and economic infrastructure as it is the most practical preparation to welcome investors to do business in the province. We will make a list of projects in need of investment capital and pick out feasible investment projects for high priority. We advocate focused investment. In the coming time, the Provincial People’s Committee will assign the Department of Planning and Investment and the Investment Promotion Centre to pull out some highly feasible projects, especially those with relation to the marine economy - the great advantage of this province. Chosen projects must have broad effect on social and economic life of the province and work as a driving force and a magnet to attract other investors.
Specially, the Provincial People’s Committee will also assign local governments to prepare enough land and infrastructure for large investment projects. The resettlement process for projects must be completed more quickly than before.
Competent agencies will soon complete sector planning, construction planning and land-use planning for local investment promotion agencies to be more active in calling investment capital. This will also help investors to start their work soon after they arrive in the province. With approved plans, the project evaluating and licensing process will be quicker. The Department of Construction will be assigned to work with relevant agencies to create criteria for projects of great importance. In 2012, Binh Dinh will consider allowing the BT (build - transfer) investment form for large projects, especially infrastructure development.
In addition, we will set land prices for investment projects more practically, aiming to ensure the benefits for the State Budget (when budgetary incomes remain modest), match investment attraction priority orientations for different sectors, come up with land price levels, and enhance our competitiveness in the region. Besides, we are resolved to revoke slowed projects to provide opportunity for other higher capacity investors.
More importantly, Binh Dinh is determined to continue administrative procedure reform, improve the investment and business environment, and strictly implement all policies and regulations. Whenever a regulation or policy is issued, all subjects governed must strictly comply with the regulation or policy, especially public organs. Provincial leaders will spend time helping businesses deal with any troubles arising during the process of project implementation.
Thank you very much!

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