Ha Nam Medical College- Trainer of Golden Manpower for Health Sector

6:11:05 PM | 23/1/2013

Ha Nam Medical College, formerly Ha Nam Medical High School, was set up on August 26, 1999 by the Ha Nam Province People’s Committee. The school is assigned to train health workers at intermediate and lower levels. To match practical development demand and meet the quality of human resources in the new era, the school was upgraded to the college level on July 31, 2007. At present, this is the training centre for health workers for Ha Nam province and neighbouring provinces.
Currently, the college is training five medical and pharmaceutical majors. Each year, it enrols thousands of students throughout the country. With synchronous investment in a large scale, it is regarded as one of schools with most training subjects.
In the past time, especially after the official upgrading to the college status, the teaching staff has grown both in quality and quantity. For the time being, the school has 119 employees, including 12 masters (first-grade specialty), 23 people with university degrees. The infrastructure has also been invested and expanded with more than 40 practical rooms and 20 theoretical rooms. At present, its students can practice at any hospitals and medical centres in Ha Nam province, a huge advantage for any training establishment.
To meet the current trend and actual demand of the society, the college has associated with other professional schools across the country to train staff and exchange experience, cooperated with hospitals and medical centres to provide more probation and career opportunities for students. In order to improve the quality of students, the college has applied many innovative teaching and learning methods like "Self-studying Ho Chi Minh ideology subject” and "teacher guides, students learn" undertaken by top-notch experts at the school. In addition, it is coordinating with foreign countries such as Japan and Germany in training staff and exchanging academic knowledge, especially training internationally standardised nurses for working in foreign countries. Every year, the college sends its lecturers to study overseas to improve their professional knowedge.
By expanding its training scale, the college aims to be upgraded to a university of medicine and pharmacy by 2020 to meet the country’s requirements for health workers. This is the target for endeavour and the assertion of the rector of Ha Nam Medical College.
With the brilliant achievements in recent years, Ha Nam Medical College has received a lot of awards and titles from the province and the State, including the First, Second and Third Grade Labour Orders and the Third Grade of Independence Order. These decorations are the recognition for its contributions to health education and training sector.
With its thick glorious history and constant effort, Ha Nam Medical College will strive to be the training cradle of health workers not only for the province, for Vietnam but also for the region in the near future.
Trong Linh