Binh Dinh Supporting Enterprises to Overcome Difficulties

4:55:41 PM | 29/1/2013

In 2012, the world economy saw complex fluctuations and difficulties. Within the country, the tightening of fiscal and monetary policy to curb inflation was necessary, but it still led to sharp fall in domestic demand, large inventories, high credit interest, difficult capital access for enterprises, and difficulties in production. Under these circumstances, the People's Committee of Binh Dinh has focused on directing the implementation of the Government policy and set out suitable tasks and solutions to ensure the implementation of the Government resolution, and that of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Council on socio-economic development and the draft budget of 2012.
Thanks to the efforts of both the political system and the people in the province, Binh Dinh has overcome several difficulties, and managed to achieve many important results in many fields. Specifically, the province's economy continued to develop. Production value in 2012 was estimated at VND5,531.5 billion, up 5.41 percent compared with that of 2011. Annual GDP was estimated to rise 8.37 percent (the set target was 11 percent). Of the total 17 key targets of socio-economic development set by the resolution of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Council, eight targets exceeded the plan, five fell short of the plan, and the other four were uncompleted. Agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, industry, and commercial services developed relatively comprehensively and effectively. Investment in the construction sector was paid due attention. Compensation and site clearance was sped up in key projects in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, including Hai Giang Resort, Vinh Hoi Resort, and petrochemical refineries. Management and operating budget was focused on. Total revenue in the province reached VND4,271 billion, exceeding 12.7 percent of the estimated target and increasing 22.1 percent compared to the same period last year. Domestic revenue reached VND3,181 billion , exceeding 7.8 percent and up 19.1 percent over the same period.
Along with economic development, cultural and social fields maintained stable and comprehensive advancement. The material and spiritual life of the people continued to be improved; protection and care of people's health was guaranteed, diseases were basically controlled and prevented, national target programmes on health, education and training were implemented seriously and effectively, poverty reduction, job creation and social security was being implemented. The poverty rate in the province decreased by 2.06 percent compared to 2011. 22,585 jobs were created.
National defence and security and foreign affairs were enhanced, contributing to maintaining territorial integrity, sovereignty and ensuring social order and safety.
The above achievements have significant meaning. They have confirmed the efforts on directing and administrating of authorities of all levels, sectors and the unanimous support of the people. They also promote the power of unity in the province. However, besides positive achievements, there are also some weaknesses that need solving. Specifically, the gross local production and some targets were not reached according to plan. Industrial production has been growing, but the growth rate is not high. Some parts of the processing industry continues to face difficulties. The direction to solve difficulties and increase businesses production is not yet effective. The handling of existing problems and restructuring of state-owned enterprises has been slow. Besides, the promotion of investment in economic zones and industrial zones in the province has not yet reached positive results. Environmental pollution in some production and mining facilities has not been solved. The life of people living in rural areas, mountainous and remote areas remains difficult. Social order, safety and security in a number of rural localities is still complicated.
Socio-economic development tasks and planning for 2013
 On the basis of results achieved in 2012 and in the context of forecast world economic difficulties and potential risks, global trade slow recovery, and sluggish economic growth, the People's Committee of Binh Dinh Province is focusing on the key solutions for socio-economic development in 2013.
The first solution is to continue to overcome difficulties, help enterprises to develop and expand markets.
The province pays attention to directly solving problems, boosting industrial production, especially products with great domestic and export demand, to increase industrial output value and export value. Also, the province creates conditions for businesses to handle bad debts and swollen inventories to more easily access bank loans for production and business development. The province gives priority credit for production and processing of agricultural products, exports, supporting industries, and small and medium enterprises. It promotes cooperation between the related enterprises and banks, and removes obstacles in administrative procedures for businesses. Moreover, it promotes extension and implements policies to support the development of village and cottage industry to meet domestic and export demand. The province aims to increase its industrial development index in 2013 by 8 percent.
The province focuses on speeding up land clearance and resettlement to implement projects, especially new investment projects that have been registered and licensed in industrial zones. Binh Dinh also speeds up infrastructure construction of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, Nhon Hoa Industrial Park (Phase 2), Hoa Hoi Industrial Zone and Cat Trinh Industrial Park. The province promotes and calls for domestic and foreign investment in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone and industrial zones.
The second solution is to maintain growth and comprehensive development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
The third solution is to promote the development of the service sector which has great potential and advantages. The province also strives to increase value-added services.
It focuses on boosting trade activities along with implementing market management, attaching importance to developing the domestic market, and implementing policies on encouraging domestic consumption. Binh Dinh province strengthens cooperation with local authorities throughout the country to develop trade. It promote the campaign "Vietnamese use Vietnamese goods".
The fourth solution is to accelerate revenue to meet and even exceed the plan and raise capital for investment and development.
The fifth solution is to develop economic sectors and cooperation. The province continues to implement the classification of state-owned enterprises, listing state-owned enterprises into enterprises continuing to hold 100 percent of capital, equitized enterprise, and businesses that will be dissolved under Decision 14/2011/QD-TTg dated March 4, 2011 of the Prime Minister on promulgating the criteria and classification of state-owned enterprises. The province completes the equitization plans and planned divestments in enterprise equitization in various sectors where the state does not need to hold stock or shares. Binh Dinh province arranges and reorganizes state-owned enterprises into business sectors.
The province encourages the non-state economic sector to develop and attract business from outside the province to invest in the province. It also enhances direct innovation and improves the performance of the cooperatives. It continues to implement the cooperation agreement on the socio-economic development between Binh Dinh province and the country’s other provinces, and the southern provinces of Laos.
The sixth solution is to continue to improve the quality and promote the socialization of the socio-cultural field.
The seventh solution is to accelerate the implementation of programmes and projects of socio-economic development in mountainous regions and among ethnic minorities.
The eighth solution is to continue to strengthen the local authority and improve the quality and performance of the government system at all levels, the responsibility of agency heads. Along with that is to promote reforming administrative procedures.
With important results achieved in socio-economic development in 2012 along with new confidence and strength, strengthened solidarity and unity of thought and action, Binh Dinh is confident of successfully implementing the objectives and tasks of socio-economic development in 2013 and the following years.
On the occasion of welcoming the New Year, Quy Ty 2013, on behalf of the provincial People's Committee of Binh Dinh, I would like to wish the Vietnamese business community a new year full of health, achievements, development and sustainable international integration.
Le Huu Loc
Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of People's Committee of Binh Dinh Province