Vietcombank Kien Giang Accompanying Local Enterprises

5:38:26 PM | 21/5/2013

Well exploiting the advantages of Kien Giang province, offering many services, effectively supporting customers, Vietcombank Kien Giang is not only stable and developing, but also contributing to Kien Giang’s socio-economic development.
Kien Giang has much potential for developing a diverse economy which creates many favourable conditions for commercial banks to grow. Vietcombank’s branch in Kien Giang, one of the earliest established branches in the province, has ultimately exploited favourable conditions of Kien Giang, as well as adopted appropriate business policies to achieve positive results, especially in the past difficult years.
The national economy has been deeply influenced by global financial crisis since 2008, and like many other banks, Vietcombank Kien Giang has also been facing many difficulties. However, thanks to determination and right direction, Vietcombank Kien Giang has actively conducted many solutions, aiming to push up capital mobilisation, credit quality improvement, customer expansion, banking service diversification, at the same time to ensure credit safety, liquidity, as well as apply modern technology in its business activities. Vietcombank Kien Giang has launched several products and services, deployed better risk management and managed to keep bad loans at an allowed rate.
Vietcombank Kien Giang has managed to work out a human resource training and development policy consistent with its business strategy and culture; actively apply modern banking technology to risk management and controlling; and provide diverse financial-banking services, meeting various requirements of customers.
In an effort to expand its network, Vietcombank Kien Giang has opened trading offices at centres of the province and districts to provide modern banking services, pushing up relations of commercial finance, credit, and card payment to individuals, households, small and micro small enterprises, those who have previously found it difficult to access banking loans.
Sharing a difficult economic period, Vietcombank Kien Giang is accompanying local enterprises through detailed activities such as lowering interest rates when possible; offering credit packages in VND and foreign currencies for major economic sectors of the province; giving favourable paying fees, commercial financing and contacting customers to timely solve misunderstandings. Thanks to all these activities, Vietcombank is considered a trustful partner of enterprises. Many efforts in business activities earned Vietcombank Kien Giang a mobilised capital of VND1,701 billion by the end of 2012, up 7.8 percent on year and reached 102 percent over its plan. Credit increased fairly compared to the entire system and completed its plan. Credit resources are used mainly in strong economic sectors of the province such as rice production for export; seafood; cement production, commercial and tourism service.
With the unity and determination of personnel, in the future, Vietcombank Kien Giang aims to successfully complete business targets of 2013, contributing to socio-economic development of Kien Giang and of the banking system, expanding Vietcombank’s brand and making it more familiar to people and enterprises.
Quang Thuan