Nam Dinh Electricity Company-Outstanding Achievement in the Renovation and Upgrading of Rural Power Grid

9:42:46 AM | 3/10/2013

Considering itself the electricity provider serving the socio-economic development of Nam Dinh province, in the last few years, Nam Dinh Electricity Company has successfully completed its mission, becoming a typical company of the EVN in the North.
Formerly the Department of Electricity Distribution Management of Region III established in 1965, after several times of separating and renaming, in June 2010, the company was converted to Nam Dinh Electricity Company. In 48 years of establishment and development, the company has constantly promoted its traditions and overcome all difficulties to successfully complete all assigned tasks. Particularly, it develops grid systems throughout the assigned area, ensures safe power supply to meet the needs of economic, political and social development, and the life of the people.
Intensive investment in power grid
The year 2012 marked many events for Nam Dinh Electricity Company. However, thanks to the spirit of solidarity and unity between its high-level leaders and staff, along with the right direction, the company is now in stable operation and sustainable development. Many projects are being implemented. The company has commissioned two 110KV fountain head substations; completed a network of medium voltage electricity distribution; developed 80 power stations; launched projects with investment capital of VND200 billion (by loans from the World Bank); and invested VND80 billion in the low-voltage power grid in rural areas in more than nine districts of Nam Dinh province. Currently, Nam Dinh Electricity Company ranks first in the north in the upgrading rural power grids. Thanks to effective investment performance, service and power quality in the province is much improved.
Electricity output in 2012 reached nearly 1.1 billion kWh, an increase of 14.75 percent compared to 2011. Power output in the first six months of 2013 reached 570 million kWh, an increase of 13.5 percent over the same period in 2012. In 2013, despite the impact of the economic downturn and the weather’s impact on decreased electricity production, the company still aims to reach the growth of 13-14 percent by the end of the year.
Human factor is the core
Besides intensive investment in the grid, the company also pays due attention to human resource development. Right from the very first days of establishment, the company has always considered the human factor the core of business. Therefore, the company’s policies are always to attract and facilitate human development. Currently, Nam Dinh Company has a strong labour force including 1,100 employees who are trained in professional skills through universities, colleges and vocational schools, including 10 with master degrees and 250 with bachelor degrees. The company also regularly organizes training courses for employees. The company is currently opening master training classes for company staff. The course is expected to end this year. To develop human resources in the future, the company also encourages its staff’s children to study the power sector.

According to Mr Tran Quoc Dat, Director of Nam Dinh Electricity Company, last year, electricity production serving industry had strong growth compared to power serving daily life. This demonstrated that the province's ability to attract investment has prospered. Currently, the company has also provided very good power service for industrial parks and industrial clusters, such as Hoa Xa and An Xa industrial parks. It has also built power lines supplying electricity to industrial parks which are being constructed, such as Bao Minh and My Trung industrial parks.

Lam Anh