Ho Chi Minh City Hosts Vietnam CFO Forum 2013

3:34:23 PM | 21/11/2013

Ho Chi Minh City gave host to the Vietnam CFO Forum 2013 themed “Resilience strategies in hard times” on November 20.

The event was co-organised by Vietnam Chief Financial Officers (VCFO), Japan Association for Chief Financial Officers (JACFO) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Attendees included 300 delegates from the International Association of Financial Executive Institute (IAFEI), VCFO, JACFO, and ACCA members, as well as representatives from international and domestic financial associations, chief financial officers, and financial leaders.

Vietnam CFO Forum 2013 is part of activities launched by the International Association Financial Executives Institutes (IAFE) aiming to share local and international experiences, skills, knowledge and information in the field of corporate finance governance.

IAFEI is a prestigious institution with 16 chief financial officers (CFO) association members and more than 18,000 individual members.

The event focuses on strategies to overcome current difficulties, a priority concern of many leaders in the face of heavy debts, huge losses and the ever threatening loss of liquidity.

The forum aims to give participants an overview of Asia and Vietnam's economic outlook for 2014 and demonstrate how CFO can assume the role of a resilient business partner.

Experts will share their practical experiences on creation and implementation of resilience strategies, effective treasury management, and methods to develop a professional financial management team for future growth of enterprises.