Bac Kan Business Association: Promoting the Roles of Assembling, Representing and Connecting Businesses

5:52:13 PM | 26/11/2013

Founded from the separation of the Bac Kan Small and Medium Enterprises Alliance, despite numerous initial difficulties and challenges, the Bac Kan Business Association has still excellently performed its roles of assembling, representing and connecting businesses to ensure the legitimate benefits of the local business community.
The Bac Kan Business Association officially went into operation in 2005 with the particularly important roles of linking, assisting and supporting local businesses to improve operating efficiency and protect their legitimate rights and interests.
The association always sticks to State policies and its operating principles and objectives. With the support and guidance of the provincial government, the association has achieved encouraging results. As it has relatively few businesses and most are small, the economic slowdown has forced many to suspend operations or go bankrupt. However, at the start of the second term (2011-2013), the association had 68 members compared with 50 initial members.
The association already surveyed the operations of local enterprises and encouraged them to join the association. It also arranged meetings for provincial and district leaders and enterprises to seek solutions to their difficulties and obstacles in December 2013. In October, with the support and advice of the Northeast Business Development Consultancy and Support Centre, the association organised two business management training courses for over 80 trainees. In addition, the association decided to print and distribute the Charter of Association to inform and encourage businesses to enrol memberships. The Executive Committee of the Bac Kan Business Association also agreed on plans to organise and contact businesses and coordinate with the Party Committee of Business Sector to work out a scheme for renovating the operation of the association and submit to the Provincial Party Committee for consideration. Furthermore, the association also suggested the Provincial People’s Committee issue the coordinating regime for the Business Association with provincial and district-level agencies and proposed the Provincial People’s Committee to approve the Business Association as a particular association and provide initial funds, facilities and supplies for start-up operations.
Every year, the association organises events to celebrate Vietnam Entrepreneurs’ Day, October 13, and hosts regular direct meetings for provincial leaders and business leaders to seek solutions to existing difficulties and obstacles in doing business in the locality. Furthermore, the association regularly collects information and proposals from businesses and advises the Provincial People’s Committee to establish a legal framework and improve the investment and business environment in Bac Kan province.
Mr Mai Van Ban, Chairman of the Bac Kan Business Association, said that to overcome current global and domestic economic difficulties, businesses in Bac Kan province have taken a lot of solutions and measures like restructuring and remodelling operations, reducing investments in unrelated fields, and rationalising production costs. With the goal of maximising efficiency and stability in the time of crisis, finding new directions, overcoming challenges, and grasping recovery opportunities, the Bac Kan Business Association and all businesses in the province are striving to ensure jobs for workers and give a helping hand to maintaining social security.