Proud Traditions of Ha Giang Customs Department

4:49:36 PM | 21/5/2014

With the interest of the Party and State of Vietnam, under the direct guidance of the General Department of Customs, the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee, the effective coordination of relevant departments, the support of local people, Customs Department of Ha Giang Province has overcome all difficulties to gradually promote Ha Giang a developed and mature province in all aspects.
In 2013, the Customs Department of Ha Giang has actively implemented planned tasks in the tough economic time globally, nationally and locally. However, under the leadership and direction of the Government, the Ministry of Finance, executive committees, local authorities, General Department of Customs, the coordination of all levels, Customs Department of Ha Giang has performed synchronous measures with the aim of facilitating organisations and individuals involved in import-export activities of goods, means of transport, immigration and international tourism; thus, import-export activities of goods, especially the export of agricultural products through provincial border gates increased significantly compared with the same period in 2012. Border-across smuggling, illegal goods transport has not evolved complicatedly, some violation cases was discovered, arrested and punished promptly in accordance with laws.
In addition to successfully completing its tasks, Ha Giang Customs Department also well carried out tasks of executive committees, local authorities in helping border communes in socioeconomic development, poverty reduction, security and defense maintenance and building a strong politic base. In recent years, the Department has supported communes, namely Son Vi - Meo Vac district, Bat Dai Son - Quan Ba ​​district, Xin Man - Xin Man district, Nan Xin- Xin Man district with specific practical actions such as building schools, providing school stationeries for pupils; supporting plants and animals for poverty elimination; supplementing officers to help people in Ta Thu - Xin Man district.
Acutely aware of reform, development and modernisation of the Customs Department to meet requirements of international economic integration, industrialisation and modernisation of the country according to the renewal of the Party and State, the Department has set up action plans. In which, the Department focuses on intensifying administrative reform of customs procedures according to the OSS mechanism effectively applied in the past years; positively investing in modern equipment, step by step applying information technologies in customs operations; besides, conducting researches to improve customs procedures to shorten the clearance time of goods while ensuring strict management of import and export activities, immigration, investment and international tourism in the region. In addition, the Department also makes efforts to achieve targets of the reform plan and modernisation development in period 2011-2015 with a vision to 2020, focusing on implementing the project VNACCS /VCIS. The Customs Department of Ha Giang has upgraded and reorganised the apparatus, strengthened the political and ideological education, fostered professional ethics, focused on professional capability training for leaders and public servants under the motto “favourable-dedicated-accurate”, aimed at the target of "establishing the Customs Department as a professional force with deep and modern expertise, operational transparency, integrity and high efficiency."
With such great efforts and encouraging achievements over the years, Ha Giang Customs Department has been granted certificates of merit and emulation flags by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance, the provincial People’s Committee, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, the provincial labour federation, the Ministry of Culture and Information. The Party has been recognised as a strong and clean Party. Many organisations and individuals were rewarded by the President, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance, General Department of Customs and PPC. This is a tremendous spiritual encouragement to public servants of Ha Giang Department of Customs to strive to fulfill all tasks in the upcoming time.
Proud of traditions in building and development in the last 58 years, especially in 22 years of reestablishment, deeply believe in the victory of the innovation under the leadership of the Party, Ha Giang Customs Departments will certainly overcome all difficulties and challenges, strive to successfully complete tasks assigned by the Party, State and local people.
Thu Ha