Ben Tre- Ho Chi Minh City: Linkage for Development

4:35:35 PM | 5/8/2014

After four years of implementation, Ben Tre-Ho Chi Minh City cooperation programme (2009-2015) has recorded certain successes, highlighting their ever-increasing linkage.
Ben Tre and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) have recorded initial successes in their linkage on the exchange of information and management experiences. Many businesses from HCMC have conducted market surveys in Ben Tre. Investment projects by HCMC helped promote Ben Tre economy in the direction of industrialization-modernization, creating jobs and increasing income for the local people.
After nearly four years of implementation of the programme, HCMC businesses have invested 29 projects. Three projects in agriculture and fisheries with over VND63 billion make up 1.16 percent of total registered capital. These projects helped local farmers participate successfully in “Fruit Competition Festival”, trade fairs and exhibitions, introducing local products, sharing experiences and technology transfer and upgrading efficiency of local agricultural production.
In industrial sector, four projects with investment of VND1,583 billion account for 29.1 percent of total registered capital. Other projects are under way focusing on garments. Besides, Ben Tre, in conjunction with External Economic College and Industry University, organize training courses on international economic integration, professional skill and marketing for local enterprises.
Concerning infrastructure for transport, rural areas and industrial centres, four projects are under implementation with VND686 billion and 12.6 percent of total registered capital. Ben Tre and HCMC have developed transport and bus lines and shared experiences in urban planning and construction.
There are 14 projects in trade and service with VND2,549 billion and 46.9 percent of total registered capital. For tourism, the province has participated in Tourism Day in HCMC, Travel and Tourism Fair, Southern Gastronomy Fair and organized four surveys on tourist tours in Ben Tre. Tourist companies of Ben Tre and HCMC have also cooperated in developing outbound tourist tours as well as bringing more tourists to Ben Tre.
In general, the implementation of the programme has been duly supported by concerned authorities and peoples. After signing ceremonies, related units developed plans, carried them out and achieved encouraging successes. In the years to come, the cooperation will continue to attract more investments so as to make the best use of the advantages of Ben Tre and HCMC. Websites will be promoted to facilitate the investments and concerned authorities will develop most effectively the cooperation.

Thanh Thao