Ha Tinh City: Towards Modern Urban Area Model

2:32:36 PM | 25/1/2015

In recent years, the implementation of policies to maximize advantages and potential to complete the basic criteria for the City level 2 has helped Ha Tinh City obtain important achievements, contributing to the overall development of the province. Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Mr Tran The Dung, Chairman of Ha Tinh City’s People’s Committee about this success. Hoang Tinh reports.
In the context of slow economic recovery, limited resources for investment, and frozen real estate market,could you please share the successful lessons Ha Tinh has achieved in public administration and socio- economic development in the recent year?
Despite difficult conditions in the implementation of the 2014 plan, the leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People's committee, departments, and provincial branches, business community and people in general have helped to innovate the management system and achieve economic development milestones. The city has reached high growth rate with total outcomes of the sectors of VND7,170 billion, up 11.68 percent compared with 2013, total production value of the industry and handicraft industry of VND1,062 billion, total value of the trade and services of VND3,959 billion and total value of the capital construction of VND1,932 billion. The provincial budget has collected VND628 billion, or 112 percent of the plan. The poverty rate fell to 2.96 percent; the urban areas have been developed and the infrastructure system has been improved; the province has implemented the national program of new rural construction with a significant results. For example, the Thach Mon province has achieved positive results in terms of culture, society, national security and defence, and social welfare.
However, in addition to the achievements of the province, there are still some limitations such as limited investment resources that influence negatively on the implementation of construction projects in the province, lacks of efficient leadership and management of mass organizations and political system in the communes and districts. Some targets are different from the actual situation; the inconsistency still happens among the units; and the management disciplines are not strictly and quickly implemented.
Under Resolution of the National Assembly XIX in the periods of 2010- 2015, it is determined that the criteria for the city level 2 will be basically completed. What key tasks will Ha Tinh determine to achieve?
In recent years, the city has taken full advantages to attract foreign investment; some listed project include Improving the environment of the Central urban project, funded by ADB; HIRDP project, funded by OPEC, and the waste treatment plants funded by Belgium. Besides, the province has mobilized different resources to build infrastructure and develop a system infrastructure of the new urban areas as well as strengthen urban management associated with the construction of the civilized urban lifestyle. Such the activities help Ha Tinh be a modern urban civilization with sustainable development and cultural identity.
To get closer to this goal, in the next time, the city continues to improve its planning and planning management, land management, and construction of the new urban areas as well as implementation of the urban planning in the urban areas and urban coastal areas of Ha Tinh. This aims to create favourable conditions for the management and to attract investment. Besides, the city will promote economic restructuring in line with the urban economy, creating favourable conditions for domestic and foreign investors in the construction of the urban infrastructure and mobilization of the resources from ODA, banks and investors. In 2015, Ha Tinh is determined to complete the basic criteria of the grade II city.
To ensure successful implementation of the economic development tasks of the provincial Party meeting XIX, what goals and direction will Ha Tinh follow up in the near future? What areas will the province focus on to attract investors?
In 2015, the economy is forecast to be difficult, especially in business development and investment resources. Accordingly, the city focuses on reviewing and proposing specific solutions to fulfil the objectives of the Resolution of the National Assembly in the periods of 2010-2015. The province will continue to promote the development of production and maintain economic growth associated with economic restructuring; facilitating a favourable investment environment for the development of small industry, trade and service associated with the needs of society. The city also better performs planning and strengthens investment in capital construction, completing a number of key projects, upgrading infrastructure and works under the new rural construction project, successfully implementing the social policies to improve material and spiritual life of the people for a standard cultural lifestyle and urban civilization. Besides, the city will strengthen the administrative reform to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of the government's management at all levels and maintain the security and defense to guarantee security and political order and social security in the areas. In 2015, Ha Tinh continues to choose the theme of "A government of responsibility and discipline- Citizens of civilization and friendliness".
In the future, Ha Tinh advocates calling the investors to invest in the areas such as construction of urban areas, trade and services (in the fields of health, education, entertainment area, and business centre). The city always welcomes potential and enthusiastic investors, committing to create the best conditions prescribed by the state and actively supporting the investors in the most effective ways to implement the projects.