Tuyen Quang SME Association: Linking Businesses

11:52:37 PM | 4/3/2015

Although the economy remains difficult and challenging, member companies of the Tuyen Quang Small and Medium Enterprises Association have made a constant effort to expand their business operations and boost their contributions to local socioeconomic development.
The association has affirmed its bridging role for its member companies and State authorities and protected legitimate interests of its members in all activities. It has also actively contributed constructive comments to the drafting of legal policies on business to ensure the favourable and effective operation of enterprises. In the past years, in response to the patriotic programme launched by the province, the association has directed its members to raise the awareness of their employees, enhance their corporate governance and competitiveness, actively apply technical innovations and improvements, and invest in branding and corporate culture in pursuit of sustainable development. The movement is broadly engaged by entrepreneurs and businesses.
The association has helped its members popularise their brand names, enhance competitiveness, and uphold the spirit of mutual love and sharing in social and community development activities.
Shortly after the second Congress (2014-2019 tenure), the association quickly stabilised its executive apparatus and completed professional panels to carry out tasks assigned by the province and the Vietnam SME Association and fulfil its roles of representing, protecting and supporting the business community of Tuyen Quang province.
In the second tenure, the association targets to have 300 members. Just after the second-tenure meeting, it admitted 22 new members, raising its memberships to 168.
The association bases on authoritative guidance to develop a strong business force and make it a main force of economic development. It also coordinates with competent agencies to make legal policies and create a favourable investment and business environment for business development. It also studies and proposes recommendations of its members to State agencies to seek timely solutions and facilitate local businesses to join in social and economic development projects of the province to create jobs for local workers.
The association also takes care of the material and spiritual life for its members and hosts anniversary meetings and events like International Women’s Day, Vietnam Entrepreneur Day and People’s Army Day to review traditions and encourage entrepreneurship.

In addition, the association actively participates in social activities. It encourages and persuades its members and entrepreneurs to social funds like Gratitude Fund, AO Victim Fund, Charity Fund, Study Encouragement Fund, and the Fund for the Poor. In particular, during the Tuyen Quang City Festival 2014, its member companies donated over VND550 million to the event.

Duy Binh