Tuyen Quang Nonferrous Metals JSC: Resisting Hardships for Success

2:58:14 PM | 13/3/2015

The current success is the result of a long process of tireless efforts to overcome challenges and hardships by all the staff of Tuyen Quang Nonferrous Metals Joint Stock Company. The company is always grateful to all generations of staff who have devoted themselves to the development of the company.
Resisting hardships
In its early days, Tuyen Quang Nonferrous Metals Joint Stock Company faced numerous difficulties and challenges because of exhausted ore sites and near-expired mining permits. The company had to abandon many ore sites because of high production costs caused by poor ores. Its facilities were quite backward.
Facing such challenges, immediately after its founding, the company leadership defined and set its development goals: Maximising advantages of resources and experience of employees in mining and mineral processing. In the short term, it utilised existing machinery and equipment to extract and process ores to maintain production operations and ensure livelihoods and incomes for workers. Then, the firm gradually invested to upgrade and replace equipment, machines, technologies and techniques, renovate corporate governance, expand production operations, and focus on downstream processing.
With the effort and devotion of employees and the support of local government, and particularly the valuable material and spiritual support of Vinacomin - Minerals Corporation, a member of Vietnam National Coal, Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin), Tuyen Quang Nonferrous Metals Joint Stock Company has reaped more and more success.
Since it went into operation, the company has arranged and strengthened its managerial apparatus from the company to its member enterprises, introduced corporate regulations on administration and production, quickly addressed existing difficulties like facilities, techniques, technologies, production management, and completed legal foundation for production and business activities. And, the shift from scattered zinc production model to centralised production model, approved by Vinacomin - Minerals Corporation, was a breakthrough milestone to the development of the company.
After living through the toughest period, the company rearranged its personnel, attracted talents, trained employees, and encouraged them to contribute ideas to production to boost efficiency and cut costs. Thus, the company gradually went into stable operation and promised to make long strides in production and business development in the future.
Binh Minh