Cao Bang General Trading JSC: Leading the Way in Modern Business Style

11:54:35 AM | 6/4/2015

Cao Bang General Trading Joint Stock Company is the first to introduce the notion of supermarket to Cao Bang province. Despite its initial small scale, Cao Bang Supermarket applies modern retailing style featured by price-tagged products, do-it-yourself shopping and payment over the counter. The supermarket has quickly won the trust of customers with its service, product quality and reasonable prices. “Go shopping at Cao Bang Supermarket” is often said by many people in Cao Bang City and surrounding areas.
Cao Bang General Trading Joint Stock Company went public in 2003 with 70 percent of stake held by the public. In 2009, the State sold the remaining 30 percent of equity in the company. The registered capital was raised to VND4.4 billion to better business operations. The new governance required dynamism and creativity of executives. In 2011, the company decided to invest VND10 billion to upgrade Cao Bang Supermarket with three modern spacious storeys. Regarding human resources, the company upholds the spirit of responsibility of employees, constantly improves their qualifications, and actively applies technology to meet social demands.
Director Nguyen Danh Hai said a supermarket must ensure product quality, diversity and abundance but prices must be reasonable, which must be lower than or equal to those at retail stores. As an experienced distributor, the company has good relations with reputable suppliers to ensure high quality goods and reasonable prices for customers. Remarkably, the supermarket does not raise selling prices during the New Year shopping season. The company also builds a modern - civilised business style and trains its employees to follow this style. All customers are considerately guided by employees.
The well-invested Cao Bang Supermarket is becoming more attractive. Not only upholding its achievements like product quality, reasonable price and civilised service, Cao Bang Supermarket also focuses on decoration, display and entrance areas. The supermarket has a wide range of products for customers to choose from, from foods and drinks to electronic devices, home appliances and office equipment.
Currently, Cao Bang General Trading Joint Stock Company is expanding its sales network to all 12 districts in the province. Even in remote areas, the company quotes the same prices as in Cao Bang City. The company always respects and protects customers’ interests. Hence, the firm always enjoys rising annual business growth. Tax and fee payment is always settled in full and on time. After going public, the company always respects and promotes collective ownership and creativity in business.
Besides, the company actively participates in the national campaign to bring Vietnamese goods to rural areas. After joining the programme, the firm has cooperated with other commercial companies to carry high-quality Vietnamese goods to remote districts for discounted sales.
Director Hai said the capital source for trading companies is still very limited. During the year-end shopping season when the demand surges, some companies will stockpile products for the season so as to keep prices stable. Nevertheless, not many have strong financial capacity to do that. Hence, trading companies indeed need financial support during such periods.
Minh Xuan