VietinBank Hai Duong Sharing Opportunities with Investors and Businesses

4:00:36 PM | 3/9/2015

Foreseeing difficult economic context, causing significant impact on production and business activities of enterprises, Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade - Hai Duong Branch (VietinBank Hai Duong) has followed up the VietinBank's direction to provide credit support to overcome difficulties and offer business opportunities for investors and local enterprises.
The economy of Hai Duong province in the first 6 months had positive changes with stable agricultural production and industrial growth; therefore, different from the previous year, the credit situation of the province in general and of the banks in particular has been growing since the first months of the year. Following the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade, VietinBank Hai Duong with unity and consensus in the Board of Directors and staff have collectively completed more excellent business indicators. To date, the mobilisation of the branch has increased by 7.2 percent compared to the same period in 2014, reaching 93 percent of the targeted plan; the loan portfolio of the segment of small and medium enterprises and the segment of retail customer segment has been growing.
Recently, the branch has focused on maintaining market share of raised capital, particularly stable source of deposits of individuals and economic entities, enhancing the exploitation of deposits from economic institutions. Regarding credit activities, the branch focuses on a number of important sectors of the province such as industry, commerce, agriculture, investment in construction; individual customers, demand for essential consumption, cross-selling of products and services, card products, life insurance, banking insurance, POS unit, and trade. At the same time, the branch is boosting lending activities for retail customers, developing customers who are small and medium enterprises, FDI enterprises, and micro enterprises.
In Hai Duong, there are now many types of businesses operating as large corporation, small and medium customers, and FDI clients. To meet demands of each client, the VietinBank Hai Duong has made research on particular products and services to meet the demands of customer segments, especially on loan interest rates. The branch has programmes such as preferential interest rates to boost success for large corporations, small and medium enterprises, and FDI programmes; a programme connecting potential customers; besides, the branch set preferential rates for customers under the programme "Together with importers and exporters, agricultural and rural loans and interest rate incentives for retail customers, "Season sale for interest rate, long-term linkage".
The branch not only improves products and services and promotes the brands, but also focuses on training staff to improve customer service to rapidly give customers financial solutions to achieve the highest business efficiency. Customer relationship officers are actively expanding market share by contacting new customers and updating business operations of customers to ensure that VietinBank Hai Duong is always a partner with customer-centred strategy.
Besides, improving quality of financial evaluation of investment projects poses a question for the branch. According to Ms Dang Thi Hai, Director of the VietinBank Hai Duong, the appraisal capacity not only directly affects lending activity of the banks, but also relates to the feasibility of the project. An investment decision will directly lead to either success or failure of businesses. A banking employee is not only an appraisal of loan officer, but also a financial counsellor for the enterprise. With the slogan, "enhancing the value of life of the clients is the development of VietinBank", the branch regularly organises training programmes for banking staff and assigns experienced staff with high capacity with tasks of evaluating financial projects in accordance with the reality of the business activities and the effect on the economy.
Along with completed business tasks assigned by the VietinBank headquarter, the branch is always one of the leading units in the social welfare. Currently, the branch has completed the construction and handed over Dai Duc school, Kim Thanh district. In the coming time, the VietinBank Hai Duong continues to provide funding for two high quality ambulance vans at VND4 billion for two hospitals and a medical device at VND1.6 billion. Besides, the bank sponsors VND50 million for Bui Thi Cuc, a wife of martyr Pham Van Lieu of Ninh Giang district and grants scholarship of VND50 million for gifted students of 2014-2015 academic year, as well as provides financial support for areas flooded in August, 2015; and the bank also donated VND45 million for charities.
Minh An