Thai Binh Provincial Government’s Hotline Launched

3:48:56 PM | 18/5/2016

Recently, the Thai Binh Provincial People’s Committee held a conference to announce its Decision 1139/QD-UBND on temporary regulations on management and use of the telephone hotline to the Provincial People’s Committee, which will receive and process information related to Thai Binh province sent by organisations and individuals.
According to the decision, the Provincial People’s Committee will use telephone numbers, and, to be active around the clock from May 15, 2016. Information received will be directly forwarded to Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Hong Dien, for settlement. Organisations and individuals wishing to send information must provide sufficient personal information, including full name, telephone number and information content. Information provided is kept confidential and informants must bear full responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of information provided.
Also at the conference, the Thai Binh Provincial People's Committee issued Directive 13/CT-UBND on the establishment of hotlines to departments, branches and district/city people's committees to collect and process information reported by individuals and organisations. Accordingly, the Provincial People’s Committee required departments, agencies and district/city people's committees to apply this directive by June 2016.
The hotlines to the Provincial People’s Committee, and to lower administrative agencies in the coming time, show the determination of the provincial government to accelerate public administration reform, improve administration quality, and build transparent and serving administration.
Ngo Khuyen