Kon Tum - HCM City: Cooperation for Joint Development

4:24:40 PM | 2/8/2016

After 10 years of carrying out the socioeconomic development cooperation programme from 2006 to 2015, with the ongoing efforts of the government, businesses and citizens, the traditional relationship between Kon Tum province and Ho Chi Minh City continues to be consolidated and strengthened. The fruitful cooperation has produced important results in all aspects like economic growth, economic restructuring, poverty reduction and people’s livelihood improvement.
Specifically, tourism cooperation promotion and advertisement was effectively organised by two localities, brought in remarkable results, contributed to stable tourist arrival growth, created and introduced the image of Kon Tum - a friendly, hospitable destination - to HCM City residents and visitors alike. Besides, the cooperation provided business opportunities for local tourism companies to exchange experience, join hands to expand the market, and contact with major and professional partners worldwide for cooperation.
In the industrial and commercial sectors, on the basis of defined potential, strengths, investment attraction mechanisms and policies of each locality and State administration experience exchange, the Departments of Industry and Trade of both localities coordinated in deploying investment cooperation and linking trade and service fields between HCM City and other provinces and cities, including Kon Tum. Through the trade cooperation programme, Kon Tum province created favourable conditions for HCM City companies to invest and cooperate in business and production development, build factories, scale up farms, and expand distribution systems to meet consumer demands in HCM City and other localities.
With the support and guidance of the Party Committees and governments of the two localities, their efforts to create an open investment environment, many companies from HCM City are doing effective business in Kon Tum province, particularly in hydropower, mining, agricultural product processing, tourism, hotel, commercial centres at Bo Y International Border Gate Economic Zone, and many other fields. Typical companies are Saigon - Central Highlands Investment Joint Stock Company, Thanh Nam Building Materials, Construction and Installation Co., Ltd, and BMC Building Materials & Commercial Construction Co., Ltd. Effective projects increase tax revenue for the province and generate jobs for local people, thus generally contributing to the socioeconomic development of Kon Tum province.
Moreover, in the past 10 years, HCM City and Kon Tum province have also achieved positive cooperation results in agriculture, health, education, training, science, technology and social security. Mr Nguyen Van Hung, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Provincial People’s Council, said that the cooperation between Kon Tum province and HCM City in the past 10 years generated clearly effective results in various areas. Kon Tum expected supports and assistances from HCM City because the latter was the “development engine” of the country in various fields. The province was always ready to welcome companies from HCM City to make investments to tap local potential and advantages and boost up local development.
From their successes, to further promote its potential and advantages for socioeconomic development, Kon Tum and HCM City signed the socioeconomic cooperation programme for the 2016 - 2020 period at the review meeting on the deployment of the socioeconomic cooperation programme from 2006 to 2015. The two sides aimed to unlock their potential and resources and apply policies to mobilise all economic sectors to join in the cooperation programme with different fields and forms. Compared with the cooperation agreement signed in 2006, the new one, apart from youth and information technology cooperation, maintains cooperation contents and covers all economic, cultural and social aspects.
With a long development cooperation history, diverse natural resources and socioeconomic advantages, leaders of Kon Tum and HCM City are determined to successfully carry out the 2016 - 2020 cooperation agreement and bring shared development and prosperity for both localities on the way of integration.
Duy Anh