Viet Thanh Long An Steel Company: Joint Efforts to Make a Difference

9:20:12 AM | 23/8/2016

Viet Thanh Long An Steel Company, set up 12 years ago (in 2004), has gradually secured its foothold and reputation on the market with diverse and popular products. Its current strong position is built on a long persistent journey.
Solid steps
In the early years of its operation, Viet Thanh Long An Steel Company knew that competition in the steel industry was very fierce and it thus took quality and prestige as a weapon to defend itself and survive on the tough market.
The company at first manufactured steel pipes and then expanded into production of cold-rolled galvanised steel sheets, steel pipes, steel purlins and others. A complete self-contained process has enabled the firm to increase the value of products and customise products according to customers’ requirements.
Specifically, the production capacity of the cold-rolled steel mill reaches 15,000 tonnes a month, the capacity of galvanised steel plant is 8,000 tonnes a month, and the output of the shaped steel plant is 15,000 tonnes a month. Besides, its Taiwanese production lines consume 50 per cent less of energy compared with those imported from China. “This is a fruit and a price as well since we know that we must change to catch up new development trends,” said Madam Gia Thi Chau, General Director of Viet Thanh Long An Steel Company.
Ongoing efforts for higher quality value have enabled the company not only to sell its products in Vietnam but also export 10 - 15 per cent of its output to foreign markets, particularly to ASEAN countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. “Our products reflect the sweat and skill of our 500 engineers and workers. Quality makes our name,” she stressed. At present, the company’s revenue grosses VND1,500 - 1,800 billion a year and an employee gets VND6 - 10 million a month on average.
Relentless efforts
Steel is a primary input of many industries. Thus the role and importance of the steel industry to national socioeconomic development has been recognised and appreciated by the Party and Government of Vietnam. This is an advantage for the steel industry in general and for Viet Thanh Long An Steel Company in particular to generate development. “Active but certain business strategy is an important factor for Viet Thanh Long An Steel Company to stand firmly on the market,” said Chau. In 2017, the company will scale up its cold-laminated galvanised steel output from 12,000 tonnes to 18,000 tonnes a month.
With the support from local authority, Viet Thanh Long An Steel Company is planning an expansion. The company will build its stainless steel production facilities on 5 ha of land next to its current premises. This is a long-term development strategy of the company to reduce its competitive pressures and diversify steel products.
The company’s business plan is always based on the country’s socioeconomic development and attached to its business principle of “packaged production and product quality.” Obstacles never hold back Viet Thanh Long An Steel Company from dreaming and fulfilling its general responsibility and obligation: Contributing to the cause of turning Vietnam into a modern industrialised nation by 2020.
Minh Xuan