Thai Nguyen Construction Sector: Enhancing Management Capacity and Urban Planning

3:17:40 PM | 8/6/2017

The construction sector of Thai Nguyen province has accomplished all assigned tasks and positively contributed to the overall development of the province. Specifically, the sector has effectively advised the province with planning for a number of urban centres, working offices, residences and technical infrastructure to beautify the urban space and landscape. Construction investments, construction prices and construction materials are strictly managed. Such fields as survey, design, construction, installation and building material network development have better met demands for industrial, civil and technical infrastructure construction projects in the province. Vietnam Business Forum has an interview with Mr Hoang Duc Khanh, Director of the Thai Nguyen Construction Department. Duy Binh reports.

How has the construction sector carried out local urban planning? Could you please tell us some urban planning consultations of the Department of Construction to the Provincial People’s Committee?
In the past years, the construction sector of Thai Nguyen province has actively advised the Provincial People’s Committee on urban planning management based on current laws and specific local conditions:

Enhancing the quality of establishment, appraisal and approval of planning projects (starting from the planning stage in order to continuously improve the quality of urban planning documents, like overall planning, zoning planning, detailed planning and investment project implementation).

Reducing the time to carry out administrative procedures concerning appraising urban planning documents, and creating favourable conditions in investment attraction.
In the past time, the construction industry has advised the Provincial People’s Committee to promulgate a number of documents on urban planning management:
Decision 22/2013/QD-UBND of the Provincial People’s Committee on some criteria on traffic planning, greenery land and minimum public land in urban planning and development.

Decision 02/2015/QD-UBND regulations on transfer of land use rights for people who build their own houses in residential areas and urban areas in Thai Nguyen province.

Decision 35/2015/QD-UBND on regulations on appraisal, approval and management of construction planning in the province.

Decision 03/2017/QD-UBND on regulations detailing some contents of granting of construction permits in the province.

Some indicators with respect to improving consulting quality for construction planning and execution based on the Urban Planning and the Construction Permit and directives on management of urban order in the province and some other relevant documents.

How do you assess the impacts of administrative procedure reform on the performance of the Thai Nguyen construction industry in recent years?
Without doubt, under the firm direction of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee in recent years, the administrative reform of the province in general and of the construction industry in particular, has been thoroughly implemented to facilitate citizens and businesses. Construction administrative procedures, especially in project evaluation procedures and basic design evaluation, are considerably streamlined.

Every quarter, the Department of Construction reviews and assesses administrative procedure performances to reduce unnecessary ones and shorten the time needed to settle administrative procedures. Up to now, all administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the sector are slashed by 30 per cent from the mandatory time provided by central authorities.

Could you tell us some concrete solutions that the construction industry has taken to support local businesses?
In the past time, the construction sector of Thai Nguyen province has defined some specific tasks to support local businesses as follows:

Changing and improving the quality of construction planning appraisal and approval, announcing and publicising approved plans. Planning is associated with investment promotion and attraction for affordable housing in industrial zones.

Further reforming administrative procedures, and minimising administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the department

Strengthening and improving the quality of planning appraisal, basic design appraisal, and project design appraisal to speed up project implementation.

Organising conferences and seminars to disseminate relevant legal documents, introduce advanced scientific and technological applications, particularly for unfired construction material.

Employees are thoroughly aware of their jobs and timely clear hardships for enterprises, setting up mailboxes to collect opinions of businesses and citizens.