Belgium Supports Development of Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Systems in Thai Nguyen

10:00:55 AM | 4/12/2015

The signing ceremony for the “Consulting, equipment supply and install” packaged contract, as part of the centralized sewerage and wastewater treatment system project for South Thai Nguyen City between contractor Sodraep (Kingdom of Belgium) and Thai Nguyen Sewerage and Urban Infrastructure Development Company was underway on December 1 in Thai Nguyen province. 

Mme. Jehanne Roccas, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Vietnam, and senior officials from the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Natural resources and Environment, and other relevant local agencies in Thai Nguyen province joined the ceremony.

The project to develop centralized drainage and wastewater treatment systems for the South of Thai Nguyen City has a total investment of VND 439 billion (18.8 million Euros), of which, ODA from Belgium is VND 252 billion (10.8 million Euros), and another VND 186 billion (8 million Euros) comes from counterpart fund sources. The project will span a 5-year cycle.

Its purpose is to salvage, rehabilitate, repair, upgrade and build sewerage lines, run-off water pump stations, ring culverts, wastewater collector piping from residential communities to centralized water treatment units, to minimize pollution to the residential environment, protect groundwater and surface water from contamination or sustained rains and flooding; to build water treatment units capable of processing waste water to reach current standards before discharge to rivers or streams; and, in combination with the North City drainage and sewage treatment systems, to provide an ultimate solution to the entire residential quarters of Thai Nguyen City, mitigate pollution, and meet the needs of 85% of the city's population by 2020.

Just before the signing event, Mme. Jehanne Roccas had a formal briefing with Thai Nguyen government leaders to understand more about the province’s potentials, strengths, investment attraction outcomes and socioeconomic development performance in the recent past.
Mme. Jehanne Roccas is the newly-appointed Ambassador of Belgium since September 2015 and is very enthusiastic to develop a close collaboration between Thai Nguyen’s Province and some other Belgian companies with expertise in other fields as steel production, medicine and solid waste treatment, given the great experience that Belgium has developed in these branches.
The project for South Thai Nguyen City started in 2012 with support from the Kingdom of Belgium in collaboration with its international contractor SODRAEP.
SODRAEP is a major company in Belgium in hydraulics works (sewage system and water supply), with around 600 workers and has developed similar projects in Vietnam since 1996.
The signing of the Business contract between SODRAEP and Thai Nguyen Sewerage and Urban infrastructure development marks the end of the negotiation and start of the project, expected to be in 2016.
Mme. Jehanne Roccas has confirmed that Belgium is still committed to cooperation with Vietnam in ODA projects and hopes to maintain close collaboration between Belgium companies and Vietnam in the future.
Minh Ly